with you at bauma 2022

Doka connects.

The shortest connection between people is still a smile.

That’s how we connect among ourselves, how we connect with customers. Because we love doing our job and we’re passionate about developing solutions. We think every detail through. We always keep your budget and the objective in sight. Formwork or scaffolding, hands-on or digital, straightforward or visionary, pre-assembled or ready-for-build anywhere. Doka is your connecting element.

Let’s connect at bauma 2022, where business connects with pleasure. We’ll stay connected right down the line.

Bauma 2022 - location

Doka at bauma 2022 in Munich.

24 - 30 October 2022
Booth FN.421-FN.423

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Doka connects
proven systems with innovative solutions

Creating something new is an indescribable feeling every time. We see that in our customers, who have created sensational structures, large and small, in countries all over the world. We experience the feeling ourselves, every time we work on solutions for construction and industry that will enable our customers to work even faster, in greater safety and more efficiently.

    Taking scaffolding to new heights

    For the very first time, Doka will be showcasing formwork and scaffolding at bauma: On 450 square meters and at two positions on the Doka stand, we proudly present our scaffolding expertise!

    New products from the Doka World

    Numerous new products and innovations from the formwork division await our visitors, who will be able to see first-hand how our products bring even more flexibility, cost efficiency and safety to construction sites around the globe.

    Optimizing site operations with the latest digital solutions

    In the digital services area at the Doka exhibit, visitors will be able to try out our latest digital solutions and services, including the Easy Formwork Planner, a mobile application that makes planning formwork almost intuitive.

    Doka calculates CO2 footprint of all products

    Sustainability is not only to be found at our own stand, where visitors can learn more about Umdasch Group’s initiatives and worldwide projects for a greener future, but everywhere: Doka will be detailing the carbon footprint of most of the exhibits and products on display.

    Doka brings out-of-home to the construction site

    Doka engineers and the LED experts at sister company, umdasch The Store Makers, are revolutionizing with SiteLight the old-fashioned advertising banners on construction sites with the creation of an inspired media that continuously changes perspective as the building grows.

Another incomparable sensation is when we disclose a new solution to a customer for the very first time. At bauma 2022 it’s all going to happen again. Be there when the wraps come off our latest developments on the big Doka stage. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

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Be part of our bauma LIVE shows!

During bauma week we invite you to be part of our live shows introducing chosen product highlights of Doka. Do not miss them!

Floor props

The new dimension in slab construction

Doka will launch a new era in floor formwork as it demonstrates an unprecedented family of systems in the segment. Designed to suit any type of floor geometry the versatile structure easily manages the balancing act between small-scale residential construction and large-scale construction sites.

SHOW TIME (during bauma week, local time)
09:00 AM (only Saturday), 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 01:00 PM, 02:30 PM, 04:00 PM (except Sunday)

Be part of the online reveal of Doka's new floor formwork system.

Monday, 24.10. 01:00 PM
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Framed Formwork Framax Xlife plus

Framax Xlife plus live show

Experience forming speed in a new dimension with the form tie that can be operated from one side and a newly upgraded system height of three meters.

SHOW TIME (during bauma week, local time)
09:30 AM (only Saturday), 10:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 01:30 PM, 03:00 PM, 04:30 PM (except Sunday)

Be part of the Framax Xlife plus live show.

Tuesday, 25.10. 10:30 AM
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Ringock Scaffolding

Ringlock live show

Did you know that Doka offers formwork and also scaffolding solutions?
Experience Ringlock, the scaffolding solution from Doka and AT-PAC

SHOW TIME (during bauma week, local time)
12:30 PM, 03:30 PM, 05:30 PM (except Sunday)

Be part of the Ringlock live show.

Wednesday, 26.10. 12:30 PM
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WorldSkills participant working with DokaXlight

WorldSkills DokaXlight live show

We invite you to the event stage of hall 2 to cheer for the WoldSkills gold and bronze medalists in concrete construction. Every day they will be preparing to beat their personal best time with DokaXlight, the lightest framed formwork system in the Doka range of products.

SHOW TIME (during bauma week, local time)
11:00 AM, 02:00 PM, 05:00 PM (except Sunday)

Be part of the Worldskills DoxaXlight live show.

Sunday, 30.10. 11:00 AM
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Doka connects
the past with the present

For decades now, Doka has had its own stand at every bauma expo. Under changing boundary conditions, the bauma expo has become the world’s leading trade fair for construction, building materials, tunnelling and mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment. Doka’s expo stand has changed its appearance many times with the passing years.

Come along with us as we look back over Doka’s history at bauma:

    bauma 1963


    Doka exhibits for the very first time at the bauma expo. The bauma venue at this time is part of the former Oberwiesenfeld airport, which later became the site of Munich’s Olympic Park.

    bauma 1967


    The bauma expo relocates, and Doka’s stand moves with it. The new venue is Munich’s Theresienwiese, better known these days as the “Wiesn”.

    bauma 1969


    Doka decides to make bauma the focus of all its trade-fair activities in the German-speaking part of Europe. Doka’s stand at bauma is in one of the halls on the expo grounds.

    bauma 1980


    The exhibits get bigger and bigger – space inside the hall is limited. Doka erects a pavilion of its own in the outdoor area of the expo grounds.

    bauma 1989


    The formwork show captivates everyone who visits the Doka expo stand. Always a part of Doka’s bauma showing, it is a tradition with a new twist every time.

    bauma 2004


    Doka’s expo pavilion gleams in eye-catching yellow.

    bauma 2010


    Everywhere in the multi-level expo pavilion, visitors can experience Doka solutions close-up.

    bauma 2013


    The spacious entrance to the Doka Cube is an invitation to enter and explore.

    bauma 2016


    Customers and visitors were surprised by the new and unique exhibition concept awaiting them at the nearly 4,000 m² booth: Doka Campus.

    bauma 2019


    Doka’s focus at bauma 2019 was the best possible support for customers, with innovative and digital solutions that boost productivity on construction sites.