Twin Towers Qatar: double impact on Doka climbing tasks

10.08.2012 | Press
In recent years, Doha, the capital city of Qatar, has seen many spectacular new skyscrapers rise above its ‘West Bay’ business district. Currently under construction, the Twin Towers will add another showcase project to the already striking skyline of this city. Following completion, the two 185 m towers will house a luxury hotel and offices on 48 floors. Having supplied its Automatic climbing formwork SKE50, Climbing formwork MF240, Large-area formwork Top 50 and Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 systems, Doka is playing a key role as comprehensive solutions provider to ensure fast, safe construction progress on the Twin Towers.


  • The automatic climbing system SKE50, crane-jumped formwork MF240, Large-area formwork Top 50, the floor-slab system Dokaflex 1-2-4, Framax Xlife column formwork and Load-bearing tower Staxo 40 are all in use on these construction operations.
  • The Twin Towers are rising skyward to their final height of 185 m above Doha, Qatar. They will house a luxury hotel and offices.

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