Climbing formwork MF240

The crane-jumped formwork for struc­tures of any shape and height

Climbing formwork MF240 per­mits con­trolled, reg­u­lar work­ing cy­cles on all struc­tures. The sys­tem is sim­ple to op­er­ate, han­dles wall in­cli­na­tions of up to 15 de­grees and can be di­men­sioned to many dif­fer­ent re­quire­ments over a wide range of ap­pli­ca­tions.


Safe work­ing con­di­tions
in all phas­es of the work 

  • safe work­ing con­di­tions pro­vid­ed by ful­ly railed-in 2.40 m wide work­ing platform
  • formwork can be rolled back 0.75 m, leav­ing plen­ty of space for the forming and re­in­forc­ing op­er­a­tions
  • safe up-and-down ac­cess be­tween plat­forms pro­vid­ed by in­te­grable lad­der sys­tem

Easy to han­dle
sav­ing time and re­sources 

  • the in­te­grat­ed trav­elling units al­low the formwork to be closed and opened quick­ly with no need for a crane
  • less crane-time need­ed, as the climbing scaf­fold and formwork are moved up as a sin­gle unit
  • the formwork can be plumbed and aligned very quick­ly and ac­cu­rate­ly in all di­rec­tions, with a sim­ple ad­just­ment mech­anism

achieved by ver­satile mo­d­u­lar sys­tem 

  • uni­ver­sal sys­tem con­cept per­mits adap­ta­tion to any shape of struc­ture
  • ad­justable brack­ets al­so al­low use on walls with vary­ing in­cli­na­tions
  • small num­ber of sus­pen­sion points, thanks to the brack­ets' high load-bearing ca­pac­i­ty


Sam­ple build­ing core de­sign

(1) Climbing formwork MF240 – to support the wall formwork, especially on the outside of the building core. The fully enclosed platform system offers plenty of space for fast, safe working.

(2) Shaft platform – to support the wall formwork of staircases and lift shafts. Repositioning platform and formwork requires only that the wall formwork is slightly detached from the concrete.

Climbing formwork MF240 gets struc­tures up to form

Even very complex structural shapes can be constructed using Climbing formwork MF240. Thanks to its practical constructional design, Climbing formwork MF240 can be adapted to highly diverse requirements, easily and very flexibly.


Safe work­ing con­di­tions

Stringent requirements regarding workplace safety call for outstandingly good formwork. The 2.40 m wide platforms on Climbing formwork MF240 provide plenty of space for fast, safe working and make a fully railed-in platform system.

In ser­vice world­wide. With world­wide suc­cess.

Based on Doka's decades-long experience of widely differing construction tasks, in many different countries, Climbing formwork MF240 is the crane-jumped solution that covers the entire architectural spectrum.