Casa BFF

Milan, Italy

The new branch of FarmaFactoring in Milan

The future building of BFF Bank in Milan build with Doka's innovative safety and material storage solutions.

Casa BFF in Milan, a project by I.G.E. S.R.L., merges functionality with leisure, featuring nine office floors, a museum, and a garden. It includes two basements, one for parking, and spaces for auditoriums and meetings. Set for completion in 2024, it's designed for safety and aesthetic appeal in a compact city space, promising a notable addition to Milan's landscape.

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Building type
Multipurpose building

The project required extra storage solutions for materials on the floors because of limited space.
It was crucial to ensure that personnel could safely work on floors with varying heights
Floor formwork sytsems were needed to manage the compex slab geometry

Using the 3-ton Loading Platform enabled safe material storage on various floors.
Custom protection screen with enclosure of scaffolding tubes and netting for safe working condition of site-team, protection against fall hazards and also dropping items.

further project data

Doka's tailor-made solution for safety issues at complex slab geometries and a lack of storage space on urban construction sites

Working on the Casa BFF job-site, with complex slab geometry, presented unique challenges, especially in maintaining the highest safety standards. To meet these demands, tailor-made protection screens with closing platforms were utilized. These screens can be repositioned with a crane, ensuring nothing can fall to lower levels, thus offering protection to the personnel below. The project also benefited from Doka's 3-ton loading platform, which were fused as set-down area for building material and construction equipment allowing the rapid relocation of materials to higher floors. More flexibility and ergonomics were achieved by deploying the Dokart system for transporting of Dokamatic tables to support the protection screen in certain areas of the slab. Additionally, the use of Framax 330x240 panels enabled the precise construction of aesthetically pleasing basement walls, demonstrating the project's dedication to both functionality and design excellence. This comprehensive approach combines Doka's innovative and customised solution, which ensured efficient material handling and high safety standards, thereby addressing the specific challenges of the Casa BFF construction site and similar projects.

Alina Consentino

Alina Cosentino | Group Leader Engineering | Doka Italy

"Our client required a cost-effective, yet robust protection system to fit for the the complex slab geometry. Also, given the restricted space at the urban construction site, there was an extra need for the additional material storage on the floors. So, dedicated Doka Italy team suggested the usage of 3- to Loading Platform for safe material storage and material handling on all floors. With the use of shifting device Dokart, slab-forming op­er­a­tions could be ac­com­plished even faster. We also developed a customized protection screen solution: a system of protection screens on the basis vertical and horizontal wailing, and capable of bearing loads even when there is no slab below. Dokamatic table was used to simulate the floor slab..“

Project data

Year of completion
End 2024
Project duration
May 2023 - End 2024


I.G.E. S.R.L.

Building data

Typical floor height
Formwork height
2.4m x 3.3m

Nb. Of pouring steps/floors
9 step floors
Total height