Winery Lahofer

Znojmo, Czech Republic

An unusual fair faced concrete and wood construction sits in the middle of Moravian vineyard (Czech Republic). With its shape of wave it becomes a natural part of typical corrugated landscape and bring significant added value to the golden fund of Czech architecture. Main parts of the construction are made from fair faced concrete, which have been poured into special formwork based on the Doka TOP 50 system. This forms twelve arch which are dominant part of the construction and which are completed with same amount of concrete ribs on the roof. Main challenging part of the project was the arch supported roof, which has variable shape from the flat surface to the curvy wave.

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Construction owner:
Vinařství LAHOFER a.s.
Kryštov a Chybík architekti
Construction company:
Brestt a.s.
Construction duration
2018 – 2020