Climbing formwork 150F

The crane-jumped formwork for ver­ti­cal-walled struc­tures

Climbing form­work 150F is a tried-and-test­ed sys­tem for crane-lift­ed climbing pro­jects. It is sim­p­ly to set up and easy to use.


Safe work­ing con­di­tions

in all phas­es of the work 

  • safe work­ing con­di­tions pro­vid­ed by ful­ly railed-in 1.65 m wide work­ing platform
  • formwork can be rolled back 0.70 m, leav­ing plen­ty of space for the forming and re­in­forc­ing op­er­a­tions
  • safe up-and-down ac­cess be­tween plat­forms pro­vid­ed by in­te­grable lad­der sys­tem

Easy to han­dle

sav­ing time and re­sources 

  • the in­te­grat­ed scis­sor-ac­tion spin­dles al­low the formwork to be closed and opened quick­ly with no need for a crane
  • less crane-time need­ed, as the climbing scaf­fold and formwork are moved up as a sin­gle unit
  • sim­ple ad­just­ment op­tions for pre­cise hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal align­ment of the formwork

High­ly cost-ef­fi­cient

thanks to its straight­for­ward mo­d­u­lar sys­tem 

  • the sys­tem's spe­cial­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed components make it ide­al for con­struc­tion pro­jects with ver­ti­cal walls
  • small num­ber of sus­pen­sion points, thanks to the brack­ets' high load-bearing ca­pac­i­ty
  • can be quick­ly readied for use as there is on­ly a small num­ber of – pre-as­sem­bled – components

The system's fully railed-in working platforms and integrable ladder system ensure the necessary safety for working at lofty heights.