Bridge formwork Para­Top

The ground-sup­port-free cantilever arm formwork for steel-composite and pre-cast con­crete bridges

Doka bridge formwork Para­Top turns Large-area formwork Top 50 in­to a cantilever arm formwork that can be op­er­at­ed com­plete­ly from above. The sys­tem's in­no­va­tive insert-shoe makes it easy to erect, and com­pen­sates for any in­s­tal­la­tion in­ac­cu­ra­cy.



thanks to mo­d­u­lar sys­tem con­cept 

  • can be fixed to ei­ther con­crete or steel su­per­struc­tures (2 se­parate types of insert-shoe)
  • can eas­i­ly be adapt­ed to dif­fer­ent cross-sec­tions of cantilever slab with components from the mo­d­u­lar Top 50 'kit'
  • does not col­lide with stif­f­en­ing plates and is in­de­pen­dent of shear-con­nec­tor cen­tres, as any bracket spac­ing can be se­lect­ed within the per­mitt­ed in­flu­ence width

Less equip­ment and erec­tion-work need­ed

as all work is car­ried out from the su­per­struc­ture 

  • there are no plat­forms or scaf­folds be­neath the su­per­struc­ture, and formwork set-up & align­ment, re­in­forc­ing, pour­ing and strik­ing are all done on­ly from above
  • the large in­flu­ence widths of the brack­ets mean there are few­er bracket planes
  • formwork re­mo­val is made easy by the hard chrome-plat­ed insert-cones, with no need for mount­ing-sleeves

Fast con­struc­tion progress

as­sured by op­ti­mised sys­tem de­sign 

  • the as­sem­b­ly se­quence is easy to un­der­s­tand, with on­ly three Para­Top sys­tem components (insert-shoe, insert-chan­nel, insert-cone)
  • erec­tion and dis­mantling times are short­ened by us­ing bolt­ed in­stead of thread­ed joints
  • 'mount-ahead' fa­cil­i­ty for insert-shoes
  • hang­ing the cantilever arm formwork in­to place does not take much crane-time – there is no need to la­bo­ri­ous­ly thread in tie-rods, as the insert-shoes are open at the front

This versatile cantilever arm formwork is attached to the bridge superstructure by means of re-useable diagonal anchors.


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