Forming wagon TU

The un­der­s­lung bridge edge beam formwork for fast forming of can­tilev­ered para­pets

With the in­no­va­tive Forming wagon TU, can­tilev­ered para­pets can be cost-ef­fi­cient­ly cast with­out dis­rupt­ing traff­ic or other con­struc­tion op­er­a­tions.


High­ly cost-ef­fi­cient
thanks to its in­ge­nious all-in-one so­lu­tion 

Stream­lined forming op­er­a­tions aid­ed by

  • rentable all-in-one sys­tem with pre-as­sem­bled work­ing plat­forms and par­al­lel gird­er­frame units / forming el­e­ments
  • easy re­bar and con­crete place­ment op­er­a­tions from above
  • un­der­s­lung con­struc­tio­n­al de­sign
  • min­i­mal dis­rup­tion to traff­ic (e.g. dur­ing bridge re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion) or to other con­struc­tion op­er­a­tions when cast­ing can­tilev­ered para­pets

Fast as­sign­ment times
in a con­trolled se­quence 

High­er ef­fi­cien­cy and swift con­struc­tion progress, as

  • the pre-as­sem­bled sys­tem units are very quick and easy to set up
  • the hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal formwork are re­moved si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly, with a swiv­el/tilt mo­tion
  • spin­dle struts are used for easy and ac­cu­rate formwork set-up

A safe, sure way to work bet­ter
in all phas­es of the forming as­sign­ment 

Site crew are giv­en max­i­mum pro­tection, by

  • high stan­dards of both ac­tive and pas­sive safe­ty
  • pre-mount­ed work­ing plat­forms ready for im­me­di­ate use
  • all-round scaf­fold­ing tubes for rugged side pro­tection
  • a built-in grav­i­ty brake which pre­vents any un­want­ed trav­elling of the forming wagon

Pre-assembled reinforcing cages can simply be hoisted into place from above.



Main ar­eas of use

  • medium to long bridge superstructures
  • medium to high numbers of re-use cycles
  • 'section-at-a-time' travelling
  • rehabilitation of existing bridge superstructures
  • cantilevered parapets with wide sidewalk spaces
  • curve radii of 250 m and above

High stan­dard of safe­ty

  • all-round, three-part side railings
  • completely gapless platform decking
  • separate working and erection platforms
  • built-in gravity brake secures the forming wagon against accidental travelling

Flex­i­b­ly ad­justable

Thanks to the modular design concept of the load-bearing construction, and to the use of formwork elements assembled from Top 50 system components, just about any cross-section of cantilevered parapet can be accommodated.

Grav­i­ty brake

  • automatically activated by gravity

Easy to op­er­ate

  • high flexibility in terms of possible formwork configurations
  • high degree of pre-assembly
  • any type of suspension point can be used