Cir­cu­lar formwork H20

The prac­ti­cal cir­cu­lar formwork for ex­act curves

Cir­cu­lar formwork H20 is a prac­ti­cal cir­cu­lar formwork sys­tem that de­liv­ers smooth, curved walls from radii of 3.50 m up­ward – ste­p­less­ly.


High­ly cost-ef­fi­cient
right from the very first time of use 

The sys­tem re­duces the ren­tal and wage costs at your site be­cause

  • it on­ly needs a small num­ber of form-ties – just one form-tie per 1.50 m²
  • on­ly small com­mis­sion­ing quan­ti­ties are need­ed, as it adapts ef­fort­less­ly to any lay­out
  • the sys­tem el­e­ments are pre-as­sem­bled and are readied for use sim­p­ly by sett­ing the de­sired ra­dius with the ad­just­ing spin­dles

Radii can be cont­in­u­ous­ly ad­just­ed
sim­p­ly by turn­ing spin­dles 

Cir­cu­lar formwork H20 stands out for great flex­i­bil­i­ty, thanks to its

  • prac­ti­cal height grid
  • ex­act curves from a ra­dius of 3.50 m up­ward
  • flex­i­ble, heavy-du­ty Dokaplex 21 mm form-ply

Rapid work­ing
and ease of han­dling 

Ef­fi­cient con­struc­tion work­flow, as

  • there is on­ly one con­nect­ing de­vice (Ad­justable clamp 10cm)
  • it can eas­i­ly be com­bined with Framax Xlife, Alu-Framax Xlife and Col­umn formwork RS
  • sett­ing the radii is easy – sim­p­ly by turn­ing spin­dles
  • radii are easy to check, us­ing flex­i­ble tem­plates

The practical height grid and the systematic spacing of the form-ties make it possible to form widely differing height-combinations quickly and easily.



Ex­act­ly ad­justable

The circular formwork elements are easy to adjust – steplessly – with reference to a flexible template.

Easy to com­bine

A special end-profile makes it easy to connect the system to other Doka formwork systems such as Framed formwork Framax Xlife or Column formwork RS.

Op­ti­mum el­e­ment size-grid

  • only two widths of element (inside element 2.40 m, outside element 2.50 m) for all radii down to 3.50 m
  • practical height grid with five different five heights of element


Radii down to 3.50 m

The site-ready, pre-assembled elements (one each for the inside and outside formwork) can be continuously adjusted with reference to a flexible template, to set radii of down to 3.50 m.

Easy to adapt

Circular formwork H20 is easy to adapt to different radii, simply by turning the spindles – for a smooth construction workflow.

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