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Climbing operations continuing even in force-8 winds

29.09.2011 | Press
At Eemshaven in the Netherlands, an advanced anthracite-fired power station with a gross output of 1600 MW is being built in the space of just four years.

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  • At the Eemshaven power station in the Netherlands, the modular Xclimb 60 system is climbing up to a height of 64.40 m.
  • The 13.75 m tall Staxo 100 towers for shoring the cantilever slabs on the R2UET silo building are preassembled and dismantled on their sides.
During peak times, there are some 3000 construction crew working on this site right beside the North Sea – around 800 of them in the CIP concrete building operations. For the formwork technology in use here, the contracting German-Dutch consortium of Mainka and Visser & Smit Bouw is relying entirely on Doka.

Cost-saving formwork solutions from the standard Doka “construction kit” are being used here for the turbine building, silo building, steam generator plant and main switchgear building, with the GS-tested Edge protection system XP and Handrail clamps S safeguarding the drop-off edges on the formwork and slab-edges.

Formwork adapts superbly to individual requirements

The centrepiece of the structure is the turbine building. Here, 150 linear metres of Guided climbing formwork Xclimb 60, combined with more than 720 m² of Framax Xlife framed formwork, are climbing on schedule through the 12 casting sections up to the final height of 68.95 m. With this system the entire unit is structure-guided at all times, even while being lifted. Even with the force-8 gusts of wind that can occur here on the coast, entire units can still be repositioned safely and easily in one lift. Only one positioning point per casting section needs to be operated here, which cuts time-consuming fitting- and finishing-work to a minimum.

To permit precision forming of silo building R2UET, the Doka Ready-to-Use Service supplied trapeze-shaped Top 50 timber-beam formwork elements directly to the site. The 175 cm thick cantilever slabs at a height of 13.75 m are being dependably shored by 24 Staxo 100 towers which are preassembled (and later dismantled) on their sides at ground level.

Services with a big payoff

Doka project engineers from the Maisach and Osnabrück Branches are working closely with the Operations Scheduling people at the site to ensure maximum efficiency in the formwork operations. To make sure that everything runs smoothly right from the outset, Doka Formwork Instructors have been on-site to give valuable guidance on using the equipment correctly and on putting the formwork planning into effect in practice. Also, Doka Logistics staff promptly inspect any equipment that is no longer needed on the site, so as to prepare it for smooth, troublefree return.

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