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Real-time measuring of concrete strength

Measuring the strength development of the concrete directly, using Concremote, permits better management of the forming and CIP concreting operations.

Optimisation of construction process
aided by real-time monitoring of concrete strength 

  • minimises cycle times and commissioning quantities by helping the site to determine the earliest possible time for formwork removal
  • cuts labour and equipment costs by improving proactive utilisation planning
  • concrete formulation and purchasing can be optimised, as the site has more accurate knowledge regarding the strength development
  • more accurate management of curing times is made possible by better information on the maturity of the concrete

Greater certainty
with 'concrete' measured data instead of empirical values 

  • confident decision-making is assisted by the easy-to-interpret graphic representation of the strength development
  • executional reliability assured by conformity with DIN and ZTV-Ing. (add. technical contract terms for civil construction buildings) norms

Easy to handle
thanks to its proven, state-of-the-art measurement process 

  • process reliability and cost-certainty, made possible by non-destructive measuring
  • largely maintenance-free, thanks to its long-life batteries, sturdy sensors and cableless data transmission
  • the measuring sensors are quick to install and position, as they are simply placed on the fresh concrete or fixed to the wall formwork
  • very user-friendly, as the measuring sensors are activated effortlessly
  • the measured values can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, via a secure web portal
  • site can be alerted by e-mail or text when the specified early strength has been reached
  • export function makes it easy to process and archive the strength data



Exact measurement, for accurate control

Concremote makes it possible to measure concrete strength on the site, in real time. It uses the weighted maturity method (as developed by de Vree) to provide reliable, Standards-compliant information on the strength development of the concrete. This facilitates targeted management of the forming and CIP concreting operations.


Concremote has two different types of sensor, allowing it to be used in all areas of CIP building construction. The cableless slab sensor is used on CIP concrete floor slabs, in cut-and-cover tunnel construction and at bridge-building sites. The cable sensor is particularly suitable for use on wall and column formwork and in crane-climbed and automatic climbing projects, at bridge- and tunnel-building sites and on mass concrete structures.

Practice-oriented system integration

The cable sensors can be fitted with accessories that allow up to three different measuring points. The Concremote wall sensing element lets users integrate a measuring point into the formwork, permanently and re-useably. This makes it possible to reposition the sensors together with the formwork, without any extra work.


Real-time concrete monitoring

The Concremote sensors regularly measure the temperature development of the fresh concrete and transmit the data to the Concremote computing centre. The strength development of the concrete is calculated by reference to the values from the previously effected calibration measurement, and the information is sent back to the site in real-time.

Easy to use

Once the fresh concrete has been struck off, the slab sensor can simply be placed in the concrete. The sensors' long battery life and rugged design mean that only minimal maintenance is needed.

Mobile data retrieval

The mobile web application lets users access the data on the strength development of their concrete at any time, from anywhere – on e.g. notebooks, tablets and smartphones.