Paratop Bridge formwork is core in road link to vital care centre

20.03.2024 | Press
Doka’s versatile ParaTop bridge formwork provided the ideal solution for the rapid, high-specification creation of concrete decks that are integral to providing patients with a crucial new transport link to a cancer care centre.

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The 56-metre single-span bridge will improve road access to the Velindre Hospital in Cardiff. Known as the ‘Hospital of Hope’, the facility offers specialist and complex cancer services to more than 1.5 million people in south east Wales and beyond.

Doka’s ParaTop bridge formwork was selected by principal contractor, Walters, as the ideal system for the rapid, effective formation of the bridge’s concrete parapets. ParaTop was created using modular principles, whereby the system can be adapted to specific applications. Its strength is its versatility, allowing ParaTop to be fixed to concrete or steel superstructures. The system contains an innovative insert-shoe, making it simple to erect whilst its cantilever formwork makes it easy work for cranes to install and lift when required via hard-plated insert-cones.

ParaTop removes the need for platforms or scaffolds beneath the superstructure and fewer bracket planes are also required. Erection and dismantling times can be significantly reduced by using bolted, rather than threaded joints. In addition, ParaTop’s cantilever arm formwork eliminates the threading of tie rods in readiness for the concrete pouring process.

For the Velindre Hospital Bridge project, the ParaTop bridge formwork was installed by Wyndham Construction. It was attached, via crane, to the bridge’s 2.3 metre-high, 1.2 metre-wide Corten steel beams. In total, the composite ladder beam-type plate girder bridge comprises 293 tonnes of steel.

Rhodri Jones, Sub Agent at Walters, said Doka’s ParaTop bridge formwork ensured an installation that was rapid and issue-free. “The system hooked on quickly and easily to the bridge’s beams” he said. “The dismantling process was equally as straightforward, requiring the removal of just three bolts in what was a very simple and time-effective process. Overall, we’re delighted with the ParaTop bridge formwork’s performance on this incredibly worthwhile project for south east Wales.”

The Velindre Hospital Bridge means visitors can travel to the cancer care centre, which is staffed by clinicians and scientists who are world leaders in their field, with greater convenience and comfort. Doka is proud to have supplied the high-quality formwork that is core to the structure’s long-term stability.

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