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For large or small transport projects
from a single source

When building concrete structures for rail, road and airport infrastructure projects, ­construction companies face challenges such as large-volume structures, climate ­extremes, remote areas and tight construction schedules. So a formwork partner that works closely with you is critical to your project’s success: from planning to execu­tion and successful completion. Doka is there for you.

From large bridges, tunnels, stations or metro projects with complex fairfaced requirements to small retaining walls, gantry bases or culverts – a wide range of structures and requirements can be achieved with Doka formwork and shoring solutions.

Our internationally experienced team can work with you to provide advice starting from the project development stages and throughout the entire construction process. Regardless of how different or unique, one thing holds true for all civil engineering projects, our commitment to you is simple: to design and supply a formwork solution which is fast, safe and as productive as possible.


Doka are High Speed 2 (HS2) ready

Accredited and pre-qualified
Doka have the Common Assessment Standards (CAS) already in place, having ConstructionLine Gold and Acclaim accreditations available for your review.

Quality control and management
Doka are ISO9001 certified to manage product manufacturing process.

Environmental and Safety care
We demonstrate environmental care and awareness by holding the ISO14001 certification as well. Our products are sourced from sustainable sources and have PEFC or FSC certification in place and availably where requested. We also take safety very seriously with a range of products and solutions to ensure safe working at height and thorough product capacity and capability controls.

Backup & resources
With over 160 locations in 70 countries and employing over 7,400 employees we have the engineering, product availability, product liabilities and insurances, logistics and expertise in place to deliver the project requirements

Engineering and BIM capabilities
Doka enable the 3D design of formwork-related structural data in Revit and Tekla including the export of 2D plans and parts lists, 4D simulation of construction progress of defined work stages and much more. Our highly experienced centres of expertise and local engineering teams can work with you to design the optimum solution to meet your cycle and desired outcomes.

Innovative track record
With many new products released each year, such as the new Doka MT mining tunnel solution during 2021, Doka are also heavily focused on new digital technologies and advancements. As an example Dokas acquisition of Concrefy concrete technologies to enable us to deliver concrete consultancy services and new products such as Concremote concrete maturity systems to optimise concrete mixes, manage cycle times, understand mass concrete temperature development and better control fair faced concrete colour matching requirements.

Doka are one of the worlds largest formwork and shoring suppliers and as a result have full transparency regarding transparency and anti-corruption practices.

Mega project experience in the UK and Worldwide
Doka have over 150 years of delivering major infrastructure projects all over the world and in particular within the UK working on projects such as Crossrail, the new Queensferry crossing, the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Road (AWPR), the new large Scale power station at Hinkley and numerous other major road, rail and air projects around the country and world.

Getting the big picture

Having tried and tested formwork at hand is an important factor for the success of a construction project. However, having the proper hardware available is only one side of the coin. It needs the experts who connect the formwork solution with the bigger picture including processes and logistics at construction site.

Here you can trust on the Formwork Experts from Doka. Having experience from infrastructure projects from all over the world, you benefit from a comprehensive package including

  • an overall formwork concept for all construction sections from a single source
  • an optimised equipment inventory management
  • speed up deliveries due to a sophisticated logistics concept

Different structures -
one reliable formwork partner

Train Station

Your solution for:

Stations & Terminals

Formwork & expertise from a single source

As different as the people walking in and out of a passenger station or airport terminal on a daily basis are the challenges accompanying its construction. Doka ensures you have the right formwork solution for a swift and efficient construction process at hand.

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Your solution for:


Formwork & expertise from a single source

Your requirements are discussed with Doka experts as early as in the project development phase, influencing its success from an early stage. Tap into the know-how accumulated from numerous successfully executed bridge projects.

Learn more about our solutions here
Doka Bridge Formwork
Doka tunnel formwork

Your solution for:


Formwork & expertise from a single source

Doka is a dependable partner for your tunnel project, offering global consulting and hands-on planning- and engineering capabilities: project implementation by specialists.

Learn more about our solutions here

Your solution for:

Animal Overpasses

Formwork & expertise from a single source

Giving construction firms professional advice and support is a core competence: for animal overpasses or wildlife crossings or diversions, Doka can provide superstructure formwork solutions.

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Doka Animal Overpasses

The formwork and shoring solution for your transport infrastructure project

Get a first impression of Doka formwork systems and services suitable for rail, road and air construction projects.

Solutions for rail, trackside & road structure works

  • Capping Beams & Pile Caps: Frami Xlife
  • Abutments & Piers: Top50, Top100 & Concremote
  • Parapets: Paratop & Travellers
  • Clear Span Falsework: SL1 Truss
  • Large Span: Form Travelers, Balanced Cantilever, Incremental Launching & Girder Launching systems
  • Supporting Pre-cast Bridge Beams: Heavy Duty Propping SL1 & Unikit
  • Tunnels: Secondary Lining SL1 & Travellers
  • Cut & Cover Tunnel: Wall Travellers & Soffit Travellers
  • Cross Passages: Invert/Crown Tunnel Formers SL1
  • Portals: Single Sided Wall Lining, Special Single Sided Solution & Wall travellers
  • Single Sided Shafts: Dam Brackets
  • Capping Beams: Frami & Circualr H20
  • Culverts / Boxes: Various solutions

Solutions for Railway Stations & Airport Buildings

  • Walls, Cores & Columns: Top 50, Framax, MF240 or Xclimb
  • Soffits: Staxo 100, Dokaflex, Dokamatic Tables & Dokadek
  • “Y” shaped columns: Special Steel Solutions
  • Architectural Finishes: Plywood, Top 50, Concremote, Consultancy
  • Plus many Additional building related products available

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