Building & Basement Structures

Rent or buy formwork & shoring for your residential and non-residential projects

Doka have solutions to meet your project requirements; large or small

The United Kingdom’s urban development policies include plans for housing, schools, hospitals, health & detention centres. In addition, there are vast privately funded supporting projects for new residential, house extensions, retail, commercial office space, car parking, leisure and swimming facilities, hospitality, hotel and stadia developments amongst many others.

Challenges in this built environment include keeping your teams safe, productive and as competitive as possible when pouring in-situ concrete structures or elements. Our solutions help you overcome these challenges by enabling you to design smarter, build more efficiently and use your available people and resources more effectively.

Doka has everything in house to help you achieve this: a variety of formwork systems to cater for different project needs, sizes and budgets; in-depth engineering know-how; and years of knowledge and experience - all to help you achieve more.

Complete formwork solutions at competitive prices

Improved working conditions, increased safety and innovation are built into the rented or purchased formwork, falsework and shoring available from Doka. With formwork that can be installed quickly, easily and ergonomically, integrated safety solutions and digital systems that could also help speed up the construction process overall.

Doka offer formwork solutions for all basement and building structure requirements; high or low walls using person or crane handled products; post-tensioned PT slabs or standard reinforcing steel (rebar) floors - with Doka you are assured of the ideal formwork.

The quality and safety of our products is key to Doka, however we still want you to offer you value when renting or buying formwork solutions for your projects. Ask us about our latest prices on timber H20 beams, floor props, release agent, tie accessories or any of our wall, slab, shoring or access systems.

_Understanding your large or small site requirements

Our aim is to offer you a product and service that best suits your specific needs. We can help add value with optimised construction processes, cost efficiency and a high level of safety for your construction site.

Speak to our local teams in Sittingbourne, Sheffield or Glasgow to find out more.