Column formwork Framax Xlife

The formwork for rectangular and square CIP columns

Universal panels from the Framax Xlife framed-formwork range are ideal for forming varied cross-sections of column in a 5 cm grid – without needing a dedicated column formwork system on the site.


Versatile usage

made possible by holes in the form-facing 

  • enables column cross-sections of up to 105 cm x 105 cm, by adapting in a 5 cm grid
  • practical accessories make the formwork quick to assemble and reset

Reduced commissioning quantities and costs

by using panels that are already on-site anyway 

  • maximum utilisation obtained from the formwork by using the universal panels for columns, corners, stop-ends and wall junctions
  • long-lived, thanks to high-grade Framax Xlife sheet and hot-dip galvanised frames
  • universal panels can also be used in normal wall formwork by simply closing off the holes in the form-facing

Comprehensive workplace safety

with compatible ladderways and working platforms 

  • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
  • workplace safety on all sides with column-formwork platforms
  • practical accessories – such as panel struts, lifting/repositioning devices etc. – make for safe, easy handling of the formwork

Framax Xlife universal panels are available in widths of 90 cm and 120 cm and in panel heights of 90 cm, 135 cm, 270 cm and 330 cm.