Safety Systems

Safety on the site is a very great responsibility for all those involved. A professional approach to safety brings a number of significant benefits: less risk of accidents, higher efficiency from faster workflows, enhanced employee morale, and a boost to your corporate image.

Safety Systems
  • Protection screen Xclimb 60

    Protection screen Xclimb 60Protection screen Xclimb 60

    Protection screen Xclimb 60

    The Protection screen Xclimb 60 lets you carry out construction work in the top building-levels of high-rise projects in great safety, and protected from the weather. Protection screen Xclimb 60 is a hydraulically climbed system that can also be quickly repositioned by crane if sufficient craneage is available. Because it is structure-guided at all times, it can be operated even in windier conditions. The system comes in several versions, giving you the ideal solution for every requirement.

  • Folding platform K

    Folding platform KFolding platform K

    Folding platform K

    Doka folding platforms K are pre-assembled, work-ready scaffold platforms with standardised system components for all usage situations.

  • Edge protection system XP

    Edge protection system XPEdge protection system XP

    Edge protection system XP

    This system is the universal safety solution for all edge protection needs. It fits in ideally with Doka systems – be they wall or floor-slab formwork – for safeguarding slab-edges or as fall-arrest barriers on the structure shell.

  • Handrail posts and clamps

    Handrail posts and clampsHandrail posts and clamps

    Handrail posts and clamps

    These tried-and-tested systems give your personnel crew optimum protection and make a significant contribution to a smooth workflow. When the personnel are properly protected, they work safely, which also means more rapidly and thus more efficiently – for your success.

  • Stair tower 250

    Stair tower 250Stair tower 250

    Stair tower 250

    The sturdy, stable stair tower can be put together very quickly from frames and pre-assembled stairway elements. Intermediate exits permit safe access to all work-deck levels.

  • Ladder system XS

    Ladder system XSLadder system XS

    Ladder system XS

    System-based ladderways with integral ladder cages can be attached to Doka wall and column formwork in a few simple steps. These safety accessories can be mounted to the formwork while this is still placed flat on the ground. This ensures complete safety, right from the word "go".

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