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Know-how & formwork solutions for power station & water construction projects

Power Project Construction

Amidst the different options in power project construction, there is one goal at the top of the list: producing energy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although the objective is formulated with utmost simplicity, the solutions for getting there are no less challenging. Apart from widely differing geological and topographic conditions, other major challenges include the special stipulations made regarding the concrete and perfectly coordinated timing for the different steps and supplier firms.

To us, this means being your partner during every stage (feasibility study, planning, invitation to bid, execution, ...) of your Energy from Waste (EfW) or Waste to Energy (WtE), bioenergy, anaerobic digesters, gas LNG plants, dam and hydro facilities, wind farms or nuclear energy structures.

Tideaway Albert Embankment

Water Project Construction

Doka have vast experience in a wide range of water infrastructure construction projects. From AMP programme work such as potable water storage tanks, or sewerage works and large scale tunnels and overflow management systems to flood alleviation or protection and port and harbour wall structures.

Our comprehensive experience and certified formwork and shoring products make us an ideal partner for your water project.

Our comprehensive experience and, above all, our practical experience in power and water construction projects make us a partner that's always at your side: from optimisation of the method and schedule of construction through to the synergies in formwork utilisation and on-site support from our specialists. Our formwork systems and concrete monitoring tools ensure the right geometry, quality of execution and construction time.

Doka 360° Performance Cycle

Contact for large-scale projects

The international experience of Doka gives you pooled, concentrated knowledge for a successful project. Your contact person will help you find the best individual solution, to make your project's 'bottom line' a success, too. In short: expert specialised formwork planning with lasting benefits for your power or water construction project.