Wall Formwork

Doka offers a wide range of proven wall formwork systems for all jobsite situations, all fields of use, and all specifications regarding the concrete finish.

  • Framed formwork Framax Xlife

    Framed formwork Framax Xlife

    Wall systems

    Framax Xlife is the framed formwork system that uses very few different panel formats to achieve a consistent 15 cm increment-grid, no matter whether the panels are stood upright or on their sides. All the connectors and accessories fit seamlessly into this grid – making for fast forming-times and high efficiency.

  • Framed formwork Alu-Framax Xlife

    Framed formwork Alu-Framax Xlife

    Wall systems

    With its low weight, Alu-Framax Xlife brings all the benefits of Framax Xlife framed formwork to craneless jobsites as well – also seamlessly combined with Framax Xlife, of course.

  • Large-area formwork Top 50

    Large-area formwork Top 50

    Wall systems

    Large-area formwork Top 50 is a 'construction kit' large-area formwork system that is pre-assembled on a project-specific basis and is designed to accomplish many very diverse types of task. The shape, size, tie-hole pattern and form-facing of the elements can be adapted to suit any requirement.

  • Column formwork Framax Xlife

    Column formwork Framax Xlife

    Wall systems

    Universal panels from the Framax Xlife framed-formwork range are ideal for forming varied cross-sections of column in a 5 cm grid – without needing a dedicated column formwork system on the site.

  • Framed formwork Frami Xlife

    Framed formwork Frami Xlife

    Wall systems

    The lightweight Frami Xlife formwork, with its sturdy hot-dip galvanised steel frame, is ideal for fast and economical forming, with or without a crane.

  • Wall formwork FF100 tec

    Wall formwork FF100 tec

    Wall systems

    The pre-assembled standard elements of Doka timber-beam formwork FF100 tec combine the advantages of timber-beam formwork with the grid-related advantages of a framed formwork system. Their very high load-bearing capacity offers a new degree of freedom when it comes to fulfilling architectural specifications in a cost-effective way. FF100 tec is suitable for fair-faced concrete categories SB1 to SB4, as defined in the DBV Code of Practice.

  • Large-area formwork Top 100 tec

    Large-area formwork Top 100 tec

    Wall systems

    Based on the heavy-duty Beam I tec 20, the new Large-area formwork Top 100 tec system is the ideal solution for situations requiring absolute dimensional accuracy, despite high concrete pressures and widely spaced form-ties. The shape, size, tie-hole pattern and form-facing of the elements can now be adapted better than ever to suit any requirement.

  • Circular formwork H20

    Circular formwork H20

    Wall systems

    Circular formwork H20 is a practical circular formwork system that delivers smooth, curved walls from radii of 3.50 m upward – steplessly.

  • Facade formwork Top 50

    Facade formwork Top 50

    Wall systems

    Facade formwork Top 50 speeds up work on pre-cast facades, both with integrated and set-back CIP columns.

  • Column formwork Top 50

    Column formwork Top 50

    Wall systems

    Complicated column cross-sections, large column heights, many formwork re-use cycles, tough specifications regarding the concrete finish – a made-to-measure Column formwork Top 50 can handle them all economically.

  • Supporting construction frame

    Supporting construction frame

    Wall systems

    'Supporting construction frames' enable the concreting forces to be safely transferred by way of diagonal anchors in cases where single sided formwork is required is because it is not possible to tie wall-formwork elements through the concrete.

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