Large-area formwork Top 100 tec

The super-strong timber-beam formwork for any requirement

Based on the heavy-duty Beam I tec 20, the new Large-area formwork Top 100 tec system is the ideal solution for situations requiring absolute dimensional accuracy, despite high concrete pressures and widely spaced form-ties. The shape, size, tie-hole pattern and form-facing of the elements can now be adapted better than ever to suit any requirement.


Lower labour costs

due to the optimised waling planes 

Large form-tie pattern, yet with the same permitted fresh-concrete pressure

  • low installation costs, as there are up to 30 percent fewer form-tie points
  • fewer manhours, as there are up to 30 percent fewer connectors

Fast pouring

enabled by the high permitted fresh-concrete pressure 

Can also be dimensioned, without restriction, for easy-workability and/or self-compacting concretes, thanks to

  • the heavy-duty I tec 20 beam
  • the Top100 tec waling WU14
  • the Tie-rod system 20.0

Cuts costs in the civil engineering field

with its very high degree of equipment utilisation 

Reduced materials usage, and easier site-erection, as

  • parallel girderframe units can be spaced wider apart on bridges
  • the optimised hole-grid allows great freedom when installing form-ties and accessories such as spindle struts
  • it permits continuous adaptability to the desired form-tie pattern

Architectural stipulations can be realised economically

as large form-tie patterns are possible and any type of form-facing can be used 

Superlative concrete finishes, as

  • the stiffer elements improve surface planeness
  • the form-facing is screwed on from the rear, leaving no screw-head imprints
  • the optimised formwork element connector means there is less bleeding

Comprehensive workplace safety

with compatible ladderways and working platforms 

  • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
  • workplace safety on all sides with the Platform system Xsafe plus
  • practical accessories – such as panel struts, lifting/repositioning devices etc. – make for safe, easy handling of the formwork