System components - Formwork

One of the fundamental things our formwork systems are based on is their site-proven components. Doka system components are designed for long lifespan, maximum efficiency and the utmost workplace safety. Sharpen your competitive edge by using high-performance Doka forms.

System components - Formwork
  • Multi-ply formwork sheets

    Multi-ply formwork sheetsMulti-ply formwork sheets

    Multi-ply formwork sheets

    Doka multi-ply formwork sheets are used in very many Doka formwork systems. The broad spectrum allows Doka to offer ideal solutions for many different requirements from infill zones to fair-faced concrete.

  • Floor props

    Floor propsFloor props

    Floor props

    Doka floor props are the right choice for every usage situation, and a sturdy 'support' for everyday work on site. The anti-handtrap and anti-dropout safeguard, forged nut, galvanised finish and ergonomically shaped fastening clamp are just a few of the features of these premium tubular steel props that have convinced customers all over the world.

  • Timber formwork beams

    Timber formwork beamsTimber formwork beams

    Timber formwork beams

    Doka timber formwork beams are the basis for many Doka formwork systems and have a wide range of uses. Hundreds of thousands of these carefully manufactured beams do sterling service on countless construction sites every day. The H20 top and H20 eco beams are familiar names all over the world, and are the right choice for any application.

  • Composite formwork beams

    Composite formwork beamsComposite formwork beams

    Composite formwork beams

    With its special design and its load-bearing capacity, the I tec 20 beam opens up some interesting new opportunities when it comes to optimising equipment usage on the site. The plastic facing protecting the flange, and the field-proven end reinforcements from the 'top' beams, make this an extraordinarily robust formwork beam.

  • Concremote



    Remotely measuring the temperature and strength development of the concrete directly, using Concremote, permits better management of the forming and CIP concreting operations find out how their award winning solution can help you optimise your concrete mixes, standing and cycle times.

  • Release Agent

    Release AgentRelease Agent

    Release Agent

    Doka offers release-agents for both smooth and absorbent formwork surfaces. They have an excellent separating effect and make for attractive concrete surfaces.

  • Plumbing accessories

    Plumbing accessoriesPlumbing accessories

    Plumbing accessories

    Doka panel struts and plumbing struts windproof the formwork and make it easier to plumb and align. The modular combination of plumbing struts, prop heads and prop shoes makes for optimum usability with Doka formwork systems.

  • Form ties/Suspension cones

    Form ties/Suspension conesForm ties/Suspension cones

    Form ties/Suspension cones

    Dependable form-ties and safe suspension points are crucial for efficient and safe usage of any formwork. For both wall formwork, single-sided formwork and climbing formwork, a complete range of field-proven form-tie solutions and suspension points is available.

  • Sealings for fair-faced concrete

    Sealings for fair-faced concreteSealings for fair-faced concrete

    Sealings for fair-faced concrete

    Reliably casting concrete surfaces in the desired fair-faced concrete category is quite a challenge, every time. Doka has the right formwork equipment for all building-work where the surface of the concrete is intended to be a visual element. For perfect outcomes, even on details such as form-tie points and joins, Doka can offer a large number of different accessories for fair-faced concrete.

  • Multi-trip packaging

    Multi-trip packagingMulti-trip packaging

    Multi-trip packaging

    Multi-trip packaging items such as containers, stacking pallets and skeleton transport boxes keep everything neat and tidy on the site, minimise the time wasted searching for parts and streamline the storage and transport of system components, small items and accessories. The stacking pallets simplify the storage and handling of floor props, folding tripods, formwork beams and sheets. The skeleton transport box is the tidy way of storing and handling lighter accessories (max. load 700 kg). For heavier accessories, there is plenty of space for these in the Multi-trip transport box (max. load 1500 kg).

  • Monotec tying system

    Monotec tying systemMonotec tying system

    Monotec tying system

    Allows form-tie points to be prepared quickly and reliably by just one person. This ergonomically comfortable option for manipulating the ties from just one side of the formwork saves time, and thus shortens the forming times.

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