Multi-trip packaging

For improved logistics on the site

Multi-trip packaging items such as containers, stacking pallets and skeleton transport boxes keep everything neat and tidy on the site, minimise the time wasted searching for parts and streamline the storage and transport of system components, small items and accessories. The stacking pallets simplify the storage and handling of floor props, folding tripods, formwork beams and sheets. The skeleton transport box is the tidy way of storing and handling lighter accessories (max. load 700 kg). For heavier accessories, there is plenty of space for these in the Multi-trip transport box (max. load 1500 kg).


Equipment and labour-cost savings

for every project 

  • fast loading and unloading of system components, small items and accessories
  • easily shift equipment to where it is next needed, by crane or with bolt-on castors
  • safely store equipment in stacks, even where space is tight

Attaching the bolt-on castor set makes the stacking pallets mobile and lets you work quickly and ergonomically – it's even possible to wheel them unhindered through doorways in residential structures.