Composite formwork beam

I tec 20 - the high-performance beam that saves on quantities

With its special design and its load-bearing capacity, the I tec 20 beam opens up some interesting new vistas when it comes to optimising equipment usage on the site. The plastic facing protecting the flange, and the field-proven end reinforcements from the 'top' beams, make this an extraordinarily robust formwork beam.

High load capacity

achieved by innovative composite technology 

  • permitted bending moment M = 9.0 kNm
  • permitted shear force Q = 20.0 kN
  • rigidity E x I = 640 kNm²
  • weight = 5.6 kg/lin.m

Save on equipment

thanks to optimised load capacity 

  • up to one-third fewer floor props on timber-beam slab formwork Dokaflex 30 tec
  • up to 30 percent fewer form-tie points on Wall formwork FF100 tec and Large-area formwork Top 100 tec
  • 50 percent fewer primary beams in the superstructures of fully loaded Staxo 40 load-bearing towers

More repeat uses

thanks to all-round protection 

  • extra-long lifespan, thanks to the proven 'top' beam-end reinforcement
  • reduced close-out costs due to the I tec sheet that protects the whole length of the flanges