Timber formwork beams

The tried-and-tested components for many Doka formwork systems

Doka timber formwork beams are the basis for many Doka formwork systems and have a wide range of uses. Hundreds of thousands of these carefully manufactured beams do sterling service on countless construction sites every day. The H20 top and H20 eco beams are familiar names all over the world, and are the right choice for any application.


Beam H20 top

Up to 3 times the lifespan, thanks to built-in shock absorber 

  • effective protection against moisture and UV radiation, as beam-ends are sealed around web
  • fast, safe formwork set-up by referring to markings on the flanges
  • unmistakably identifiable, thanks to labelling option

Beam H20 eco

The tried-and-tested formwork beam with a solid-web design 

  • high-quality beam flanges, achieved by machine stress-grading
  • less damage to the beam-ends, thanks to the bevelled flange-ends incorporating beam rivets
  • ease of handling thanks to its very low weight