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Facade formwork Top 50

Safe, economical forming of pre-cast facades

Facade formwork Top 50 speeds up work on pre-cast facades, both with integrated and set-back CIP columns.


Fast construction progress
aided by easy workflows 

  • speeds up construction work, especially with CIP columns, by integrating the column formwork
  • cuts costs and saves time by using the pre-cast member as a stop-end
  • brings cost and time-savings by allowing the slab-edge to be cast in advance
  • ready for fast on-site deployment following professional pre-assembly by the Pre-assembly service

Safe workflows
assured by integral fall-arrest barrier 

  • safe forming up and stripping out, as work is always carried out from the safety of the floor slab
  • even with low pre-cast members, fall-arrest protection is provided by the scaffold-tube assembly covering the whole opening

Cost savings
as less equipment is needed 

  • lower labour costs from separating work on the facade from that on the floor-slab, and from easy forming of the unobstructed slab
  • integral fall-arrest barrier saves the costs that would otherwise be incurred for working and protection platforms



There is no longer any need to make stop-ends around the edge of the slab. This brings huge savings in both time and costs.

Facade formwork Top 50 utilises the pre-cast members as stop-ends and does away with the need for working-platform railings and guard rails because fall-arrest barriers can be integrated using scaffold tubes.


Fast construction progress, no extra working and protection platforms and outstanding cost-efficiency are the defining features of Facade formwork Top 50.

Integrated and set-back CIP columns

Both with integrated and with set-back CIP columns, Facade formwork Top 50 is the cost-saving solution on construction projects involving pre-cast facades.