Supporting construction frame

For single-sided walls of up to 12.80 m in height

'Supporting construction frames' enable the concreting forces to be safely transferred by way of diagonal anchors in cases where it is not possible to tie wall-formwork elements through the concrete.


Adapts flexibly
as so many different combinations are possible 

  • equipment-utilisation is maximised by the combinable 'Attachable frames'
  • height can be continuously adjusted by combining the 'Variabel' and 'Universal F' supporting construction frames
  • easy to combine with Doka wall formwork systems

Time and cost savings
thanks to fast repositioning 

  • large repositionable units save crane-time
  • can be wheeled on rollers, for repositioning without crane assistance

Comprehensive workplace safety
with compatible ladderways and working platforms 

  • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
  • workplace safety on all sides with bracket-based platform construction



Supporting construction frame Universal F

  • for pour heights of up to 12.80 m
  • flexible height adjustment
  • tall units can be wheeled
  • vertical stacking is easy and fast
  • rapid adaptation to any unevenness in the ground
  • pre-mounted couplers for bracing with scaffold tubes
  • comprehensive safety accessories for intermediate platforms and pouring platforms, and for ladderways

'Variabel' supporting construction frame

  • maximum pour-height 4 m
  • assembled from standard steel walings and add-on components
  • easy to brace with scaffold tubes
  • can be set up and moved by hand
  • comprehensive safety accessories for pouring platforms

Single-sided walls in a single pour

Combining extra-large Framax Xlife panels with the Supporting construction frame Universal F makes it possible to pour even very high walls in one continuous operation.


Variable vertical stacking configurations for wall heights of up to 8.10 m

  • standard steel walings and add-on components are combined to assemble 'Supporting construction frames Variabel' for heights of up to 4.00 m
  • pour-heights of up to 4.50 m are possible with Supporting construction frames Universal F 4.50m
  • pour-heights of up to 6.00 m are possible by adding an Attachable frame F 1.50m
  • pour-heights of up to 8.10 m are possible by adding an Attachable frame F 1.50m and an Attachable frame F 2.00m

Wall heights above 8.10 m

  • for walls of up to 10.40 m in height, the Supporting construction frame F can be stacked on top of an Attachable frame F 2.40m
  • When the Supporting construction frame F is stacked on top of two Attachable frames F 2.40m, pour heights of up to 12.80 m are possible

Custom applications

Positioned in the horizontal and anchored to the structure, Supporting construction frames can be used to make heavy-duty platforms for formwork assignments at lofty heights.