Stair tower 250

The safe, fast way to get up and down

The sturdy, stable stair tower can be put together very quickly from frames and pre-assembled stairway elements. Intermediate exits permit safe access to all work-deck levels.



as it can be used in many different situations, for heights of up to 100 m 

The type-tested components that can be used for stair towers are

  • Load-bearing tower Staxo 100
  • Load-bearing tower Staxo

High cost-efficiency

for your site 

Makes work easier for your crew, because

  • of its ergonomical constructional design
  • getting up and down requires much less physical effort than on ladders

Convenient and easy to erect

thanks to its simple set-up procedure 

Quick and easy to erect, as

  • there are only a small number of different parts
  • hardly any tools are needed – only a hammer
  • it can be safely vertically stacked, a 'storey' at a time