Heavy-duty supporting system DokaShore

The extra-high-capacity cost-saving shoring system for heavy loads

The Load-bearing tower DokaShore is used for supporting e.g. bridge superstructures made of pre-cast concrete members or CIP concrete, turbine platforms and wide-spanned drive-through access openings, cost-effectively and safely.



thanks to wide-ranging modular system 

  • can be used to shore both pre-cast and CIP concrete members
  • can be adapted to differing requirements, as the system can be used for stand-alone struts, primary planes or heavy-duty shoring towers
  • can transfer high loads of up to 410 kN, due to the high load-bearing capacity of the Strut SL-1
  • continuous height adjustment made possible by the strut spacing grid and strut spindle

High standard of safety

achieved by detailed project-specific planning 

  • safety during system set-up is aided by the methodical erection sequence
  • can be pre-assembled in the horizontal and lifted safely into the vertical because the primary beam and strut are bolted together
  • dependable stability assured by the type-tested Strut SL-1

Highly cost-efficient

because it is an optimised system solution 

  • less equipment and erection-work needed, as there are only a small number of different parts, all with a high load rating
  • lower costs due to the use of rentable system components
  • time-savings from optimised workflows