Get a taste of formwork technology in action

Doka Forum

Come and experience the world of Doka at first hand, and see our all-embracing product and service portfolio for yourself. The Doka Forum has 2500 m² of exhibition space on which we can show you the Doka's entire spectrum of products and services. We'd also be pleased to give you live demonstrations of how various systems such as automatic climbing formwork or tunnel formwork travellers work in practice. If you'd like more information on any of the formwork systems, you can call it up on a digital display next to each exhibit.

A new dimension of in-service training

Our bright, well-equipped seminar rooms provide an ideal environment for giving you efficient in-service training as part of the Doka Training programme. Because the seminar rooms are right next-door to the Doka Forum, you'll find it easy to make the connection between theory and practice.

Training on the product itself

Practice makes perfect: experienced Doka Formwork Instructors will help you practice setting up and using Doka formwork systems correctly.