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3D formwork planning for mobile devices
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Quick and easy formwork planning and ordering on the construction site, including 3D visualisation.

With the Easy Formwork Planner building data can be entered simply and intuitively on mobile devices. Intelligent algorithms then calculate the formwork solution.

The calculated piece list can be easily matched with your existing material. Any further material needed can be shared by e-mail or ordered directly in the Doka Online Shop.

The integrated feedback function allows you to quickly communicate your own ideas and requests.

Plannable Doka Systems

Framed formwork

  • Framax Xlife
  • Framax Xlife plus
  • Framax eco
  • Alu-Framax Xlife
  • Frami Xlife
  • DokaXlight
  • Framini
  • Framax S
  • Frami Xlife S
  • ReForma Standard plus

Slab Formwork

  • Dokaflex 1-2-4
  • Dokaflex S

The benefits of the app at a glance

  • Easy and intuitive creation of formwork plans
  • Quick calculation of the needed formwork material
  • Efficient usage of existing formwork material
  • 3D visualisation of the solution
  • Optimised for mobile devices - enables formwork planning independent of location

Use Cases

There is no formwork planning for a small or medium-sized project yet. The required formwork should be calculated and ordered immediatley. With the EFP, the foreman creates the formwork planning and sends the piece list by e-Mail for procurement.

The foreman has to check whether there is enough material for the next construction on site. In EFP, the foreman imports his existing formwork material and adds the building data. The EFP quickly calculates the required quantities taking into account the existing material and thus enables a quick overview of the material needed.

The customer wants to move a wall. The EFP supports to plan the formwork needed within just a few minutes on your mobile device, and visualises your solution in 3D.

Andi Lehner

3 questions for Product Owner Andreas Lehner.

Digital formwork planning made easy!
With the Easy Formwork Planner 2.0 building data can be entered simply and intuitively on mobile devices, and intelligent algorithms then take over the calculation of the formwork solution. The calculated parts list can be easily matched with the existing material. Additional quantities required can be easily shared by e-mail or ordered directly via the Doka Online Shop.

Read our interview with Andreas Lehner from 01.02.2023 here!

The Easy Formwork Planner 2.0 - what is new and different?
The Easy Formwork Planner 2.0 – we call it EFP - offers a new design as well as a multitude of innovative features that make it an indispensable tool for simple formwork planning. Simple and intuitive operation was a priority right from the start: the aim was to be able to create formwork plans and material lists without training and classic CAD software!"

What are the biggest benefits of the software and what features are planned for the future?
With the EFP 2.0 the user is able to create formwork plans with material lists and efficiently use the existing material. It also supports in procurement as well as assembly through 3D visualisation. Even though the app is well developed, there is always room for further improvement. On the one hand, the existing features will be refined and on the other hand, completely new features will be added - so stay tuned! In the last update, 2D and 3D visualisation were completely revised - a special highlight here is the unique element dimensioning in the 3D visualisation of the formwork solution."

What was the most exciting part of creating the Easy Formwork Planner 2.0 for you?
Designing the functions so simple they are self-explanatory, but still allow enough room for customisation. To simplify things is actually very time-consuming!" (Andreas Lehner laughs). Most exciting for me were - and still are - the feedback discussions with users, because you get an immediate feedback whether you are on the right track. From the very beginning, it was important to me to involve users in the development process in order to be able to incorporate their requirements and ideas."

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