Dokaflex table

The tried-and-tested high-speed tableform

Dokaflex tables are easy and practical to set up and can be shifted and adapted very quickly. This makes them a cost-effective and efficient way of carrying out large-area slab projects. Dokaflex tables can of course be combined with Dokamatic tables.


Lower labour costs

thanks to fast repositioning 

  • rapid pace of work, as ready-assembled units can be travelled
  • horizontal repositioning can be handled by just one person, with the highly manoeuvrable 'DoKart plus' shifting appliance
  • vertical repositioning using the Table Lifting System TLS frees up the crane for other uses

Perfect adaptability

to any requirement 

  • ready-to-use tables are supplied for all structure geometries
  • infill zones can be integrated into the system by using insertion beams
  • can easily be combined with Dokamatic tables and Dokaflex 1-2-4

Minimised close-out costs

because of its outstanding system attributes 

  • longer service life due to the high-grade system components
  • site logistics are simplified by the small number of different system components, all designed for optimum interoperability
  • first-rate concrete surfaces, as any type of form-facing can be selected

Fast construction workflows without the crane: with the Table Lifting System TLS, tableforms are brought up to the next floor at the push of a button.