Forming wagon T

The site-ready, travelling bridge edge beam formwork

Combined with a pre-assembled parapet formwork that can be cycled without being dismantled, the travelling Forming wagon T is designed for high cost efficiency.


High cost-efficiency

in the casting of cantilevered parapets 

Efficient, fast construction progress, in a daily rhythm

  • on longer bridge superstructures
  • for higher numbers of repeat uses
  • for 'section-at-a-time' repositioning cycles
  • on bridge superstructures where it is not possible to suspend formwork from under the cantilever slab
  • for rehabilitating existing bridge superstructures
  • on bridges with wide radii


One system, several utilisations 

Flexibility, as it can be used as a

  • forming carriage or
  • demolition wagon

Optimises the site logistics

with its ingenious system concept 

For on-time, on-budget project implementation, thanks to

  • the high degree of pre-assembly of the long-lived, galvanised load-bearing construction
  • the fast erection and dismantling times
  • short repositioning times
  • the small amount of storage space needed

The Forming wagon T's high degree of pre-assembly simplifies the site logistics and reduces the rental costs.

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