Load-bearing tower Staxo 100 eco

The strong, cost-effective shoring system

Staxo 100 eco permits economical shoring of floor-slabs of widely differing layouts, shapes and loads in the building-construction and civil-engineering fields.


Excellent cost-efficiency
achieved by easy, material-optimized adaptability 

  • adaptability to different layouts made possible by variable inter-frame spacing of between 0.60 m and 3.00 m and the possibility of multiple towers
  • continuous height-adjustability, as screw-jack U-heads and feet can be adjusted with precision to the last-millimeter
  • sturdy frame construction makes it ideal for use even on great shoring heights

Rapid working
made possible by easy assembly sequences 

  • site-erection is fast and practical, as the system can be assembled in either the horizontal or the upright
  • easy and correct assembly due the the low amount of different items and pre-set connection points
  • simple to adjust because only a hammer is required
  • safe workplace access provided by hook-in, liftout-proof scaffold planking units with or without manholes, and by defined attachment methods for personal fall-arrest systems

Safe shoring
made possible by very high load capacity 

  • safe transfer of high loads permitted by high rating of up to 100 kN per leg
  • great stability achieved by extra-wide frames

Secure access to high work stations through the combination of Staxo 100 eco frames and pre-assembled stair elements


Staxo 100 eco frame

  • extremely robust steel frames measuring 0.90 m, 1.20 m, and 1.80 m in height for simple height adaptation
  • long life-expectancy through hot-dip galvanised or cathodic-dip coating
  • ratchet braces for fast and safe assembly of the diagonal crosses
  • simple connection of frame tubing couplings

Diagonal crosses

  • simple and fast assembly due to permanently connected diagonal braces
  • flexible frame spacing for economical optimization of the load-bearing capacity based on different lengths
  • clear marking of lengths through coloured clips and imprints

Screw jack head and foot

  • height adjustment exact to the millimetre
  • simple to operate due to special thread geometry and integrated tommy screws
  • easy to release, even when under load


Practice-oriented assembly

  • horizontal assembly for safe and fast set-up
  • upright assembly possible if space is limited

Simple and fast stacking

  • due to limited number of individual parts for simple use
  • due to logical set-up sequence
  • due to clear marking of diagonal crosses with coloured clips

Seamless height adjustment

  • due to easy to operate screw jack heads and feet for exact adjustment to the millimetre even under load
  • due to 2 m screw jack extension lengths per tower when using the extremely robust Staxo 100 heavy duty screw jack