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Inside Doka - Jobportraits

Who are the people behind Doka and what are their tasks and challenges?

Employees of Doka share their passion for their jobs, as well as their career paths. The videos give insights into our Doka world but also help young people in choosing a career.

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Thomas MIELENZ - Warehouse Operations Manager

“The best situation I have ever had was that I was able to train and support staff from my department to be promoted later on to other department. This makes me really proud.” Thomas Mielenz, Warehouse Operations Manager Doka Gulf, is in charge of team of 60 employees. He is responsible for the service and reconditioning of incoming and outgoing material, so a certain quality standard is constantly given. “You need to have a certain level of technical and communicational skills.”

Helle BORG - Order and Logistic Assistant

“I sometimes have to be a detective, because when customers rent materials, sometimes other materials which weren’t rented come back and I have to find out where they came from.” Helle Borg is Order and Logistic Assistant at Doka - Die Schalungstechniker and is therefore in charge of all the different materials customers want to rent. She deals with the orders as well as the transportation of the goods and makes sure that in the end everything gets back safely. “You need to be service-minded, organized and a nice person.”

Jonathan DERBYSHIRE - Senior Sales Representative

Jonathan Derbyshire is Senior Sales Representative through and through. He is permanently in contact with people and always keeps his eyes and ears on the construction market to find new projects. In his job portrait video he reveals what kind of background one needs to actually do his job.

Lynette KANUA - Finance and Controlling: Accounts receivable

Lynette Kanua sees every challenge as an opportunity and highly values good relationships with people. In her role at Doka she is responsible for Finance and Controlling – areas that make her really happy.

Stephen LAKE - Project Engineer/EAP

Stephen Lake is working as project engineer for Doka Australia. What he likes most about his job is to visit the construction site once in a while and see his design getting put into practice.

Conny MIELENZ - Head of HR/MEA

From her own experience Conny Mielenz, Head of Human Resources Doka Middle East, knows that there are different ways to get into Human Resources. To work in an international company the utmost soft skill is to be open-minded and flexible when it comes to working with different nationalities and cultures.

Barbara ZIERVOGL - Internal Audit/DACH

Barbara Ziervogl gets around a lot. She is not directly in contact with customers but with our worldwide branches.


Running across Salesman Bo Svendsen is a rare thing at the office of Doka Denmark. He spends most of his time directly at the customers and supports projects from the initial meeting until it is successfully completed and beyond. Characteristics one needs to bring along for this job? “You have to be open-minded, listen carefully to people and be honest”.

David DATZBERGER - Commercial Officer/DACH

David Datzberger is responsible for the procurement of a monolithic formwork system. He travels a lot and this allows him to discover a lot of new countries, mentalities and people – something that helps him to grow as a person.

Thusitha DE ALWIS - Group Leader Engineering EAP

Every project, every building is unique. Doka Engineers always develop new solutions in order to respond to the individual requirements of our customers. This is exactly what makes the job of Thusitha de Alwis, Group Leader Engineering at Doka Australia, so interesting and challenging.

Dominik GRÜNBERGER - CMO Manager Southern Europe & Africa

Travelling is one of the big benefits in Dominik Grünberger’s job. He is CMO Manager and regularly is away on business in Southern Europe and Africa to support the local teams.

Max ANDERSEN - Yard operations worker

With care and passion Max Andersen from Doka Denmark makes sure that formwork in top condition is delivered to our customers’ construction sites. As Yard Operations Worker he spends a lot of time outside regardless of weather. But that is exactly what he loves about his job.

Gerald HOERMANN - Head of Engineering and Product Management

Gerald Hörmann, born Austrian, crossed borders. Are you interested where to?

Nelli HEGI - Marketing Professional and Sales Support

From Kazakhstan, to Germany and to the other side of the world. Hear why Nelli Hegi moved to Australia and learn what Doka has to do with it.

Jürgen KAINDL - Head of IT-User-Service

“Follow your instinct and learn a second language.” This is the advice of Jürgen Kaindl, Head of IT-Service at Doka, to his 14-year-old self.


From carpenter education to Sales Consultant at Doka – For Jimmy Thomassen the coolest thing about his job is to see a project grow. Key attributes for this position? “You need to know the construction industry and be able to handle pressure.”

Andreas HEIMBERGER - Formwork Consultant

Do you know what baking a cake and formwork have in common? Andreas Heimberger, Formwork Consultant at Doka, explains it.

Lonny SCHACK - Controller

It is not so much about the education, but the person you are. I had the guts to try new things.” Lonny Schack is working at Doka Denmark and has made analyzing numbers and data into a career. Hear for yourself why no working day is like the other.

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