Incremental Launching Method

Project-specific and pre-assembly of adjustable formwork systems for casting-yard construction

Creating a five-day cycle on a pre-construction site for the start of the bridge deck.

The individual section of the superstructure 15 to 30 m long, are cast in a stationary production facility (casting yard) behind the abutment. When the concrete hardens, the new section and the existing superstructure are post-tensioned together with tendons. Then the entire superstructure is advanced across the piers by one cycle length, pushed forward by hydraulic shifting devices and moving on temporary slide bearings (Teflon-coated plates). To reduce the cantilever moments while the superstructure is being launched, a launching nose made of steel is attached to the lead section so that it is already supported by the next pier.

Easy & cost-saving handling

  • Stationary and serial segment production in a casting yard
  • Reinforcement age pre-assembly behind the casting yard = all works: crane work, concrete pouring, transport deliveries are concentrated to one single area
  • segment production in a weekly cycle (segment length = 20m-30m)
  • steel launching nose for reduction of cantilever bending moments


  • bridging valleys, rivers, nature conversation areas
  • no obstruction for the traffic below (road, rail, shipping)


  • No works in the height


  • Reinforcing, forming and casting in the stationary production facility
  • Post-tenstioning of the new cycle and the existing superstructure with tendons
  • Lowering of the casting yard; the superstructure is advanced by the hydraulic lifting/launching unit
  • Next cycle is produced
Incremental launching method