Capodichino Metro Station

Naples, Italy

The project in numbers

Numbers speak for the Naples Capodichino Metro Station: built at a maximum depth of 50 meters from ground level, the structure consists of 3,000 square meters of total area and 200,000 cubic meters of excavated material that will be used in the green re-development of former quarries in the Neapolitan province.

An omega-shaped structure, it is the architectural masterpiece--beautiful but above all functional--of the Neapolitan Metro Station by the London-based RSH+P studio and by Webuild, which is expected to accommodate a flow of 60 million passengers a year.

The other watchword of the project is sustainability with nearly 50,000 kg of CO2 emissions avoided each year. A complicated and complex construction site where Doka provided its solutions, technologies and services, and above all the experience and collaboration of its technical and commercial staff.

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Building type
Municipal infrastructure

Tight deadlines
Crane is on the surface 40 meters above, difficult to move material below
Fair faced concrete
helical shape of the building
Special geometry of beams required

Top 50 (large surface, exposed face and variable geometry)
Plex panel all cut and assembled in the Doka carpentry workshop in Colturano and the Austrian Headquarters
Staxo 100 to support the Top 50 at various heights
8 intermediate floors with the Staxo 100
Customer chose us as a supplier for the quality of the result requested and the complexity of the project
We provide also engineering planning and made a training to all workers on jobsite

further project data

Between statics, casting and aesthetics

Doka's formwork solutions (Top 50 beam formwork for the abutments, Dokaflex tables for the shaft inter-storey floors, and Staxo 100 towers aided by Top 50 and Eurex 60 formwork systems) and the expertise of the engineering department helped to solve all the critical structural issues and meet the aesthetic demands of the design.

The Top 50 beam formwork has a shape, size, anchor arrangement, and panels that can be adapted to any construction requirement; the Dokaflex table makes it possible to economically handle large slabs thanks to its simple and functional structure and high speed of translation and adjustment, while with its strong steel frames, the Staxo 100 shoring is designed for high heights and loads, combining high load bearing capacity and safety in any situation.

In fact, the RSH+P studio prefers an industrial architectural aesthetic, with exposed plants, with graphic and chromatic highlights of the roof's static trends, and above all with an architecture of structural elements in essentially fair-faced concrete. The 10 pillars, in this perspective become protagonists and, therefore must be characterized by the highest quality of surface finish, difficult to achieve especially for the particular geometry of the beams.

Doka's pluses were the ability to ensure an excellent aesthetic and functional result, while respecting tight deadlines and always guaranteeing safety, professionalism and high problem solving skills.

Project data

Year of completion
Beginning 2026
Duration of Formwork usage
February 2022 - End 2023

ZIP Code

Subcontractors: Cioce Giovanni Srl

Building data

Construction type
Fair-faced concrete
Building height
43 m
Number of floors

Dokaplex 18 mm
Type of edge
corner panel coupling with 45° chamfer for sharp edge formation
Building owner
Metropolitana di Napoli Spa