Gothenburg, Sweden

Rendering of Project CityGate Sweden

One of Northern Europe's tallest office buildings is rising into the sky in the Gårda district in Gothenburg. The 144 metre high building will provide 42,000 square metres of office space over its 36 storeys. This project is unique for Doka in various reasons: it's not just that the BIM experts planned a building entirely in 3D for the first time; two digital services from Doka – Concremote and DokaXact – are making their valuable contribution to construction progress.

As well as being a new landmark for the Gårda business district, the building will be a flagship for ecological construction and social responsibility. For example, using special "green concrete" saves 250 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The façade is being made from recycled aluminium, thus saving natural resources. The plans are intended to secure LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for the completed building. This is an international sustainability certification defining a set of standards for environmentally friendly construction.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is also playing a significant role in the construction process. Using BIM, buildings can be planned, built and operated more efficiently and using fewer resources. Defined procedures and processes were established in the early project stage. The 3D formwork planning for the building that the BIM experts drew up was particularly important for providing crucial input about feasibility and savings potential at an early stage, thus helping the customer to optimise processes.

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Project data

Year of completion
Svensk Armering & Betongbyggen
Henning Larsen Architects

Building data

Structure height
144 m
Number of floors