Fair-faced concrete solutions for Banca Transilvania headquarter

Cluj-Napoca, România

The new headquarters of Banca Transilvania in Cluj-Napoca is an office building of over 40,000 square meters(m2) with a 6.000 m2 footprint that will house over 1,400 employees. The building has eight levels: three underground and 5 levels above ground ( the last level is secluded with a concrete roof with a variable slope of up to 29⁰). The building is made of cast-in-place concrete with heating installations embedded in the structure. The building has areas where the reinforcement is prestressed (by post-tensioned).

The building is impressive due to vast surface of fair-faced concrete . Ply formwork sheets were used to give wood elevations and texture to the concrete walls.

The structural elements, the vertical and horizontal ones, are made with Doka systems.
The total amount of formwork materials used was 75.585 m2 (out of which 42,290 m2 are fair-faced concrete):
- 37,145 m2 are the horizontal elements with 22,650 m2 of fair-faced concrete
- 34,715 m2 are the vertical elements with 16.920 m2 of fair-faced concrete
- 3,725 m2 of roof with 2,720 m2 of fair-faced concrete

Due to the atypical dimensions of the building and the complex architectural requirements, approximately 300 pieces of Top 50 panels were made for this project. The building has 6 cores made with Top 50 system, cast in a single, or double step. A single core has about 500 m2 of formwork and everything was assembled on site. An interesting detail is the formwork board used in the Top 50 system is a three-layer brushed board that imprinted the texture of the wood on the surface of the poured concrete.
37,145 m2 have a tolerance of 5 mm, and to generate a visual appearance on the floors, the constructor opted for an 8 cm gap between the formwork boards.

Project data:

Town, county:
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county
Duration: 2 years
Year of completion: 2020
Construction type:
office building
Architect: Mossfern Arhitectură SRL
Structure designer:Lamina SRL
KÉSZ Construcții România SRL

Project details:

Construction type:
Fair-faced concrete with wood imprint
Levels 8
Area: 40.000 sqm