Gothenburg, Sweden

Västlänken is an underground railway network located beneath the city center of Gothenburg, Sweden, through which commuter and regional trains operate continuously. The aim of the project is to facilitate traffic in Gothenburg and the western parts of Sweden and to make travel easier and faster with the three new stations Korsvägen, Haga and Gothenburg Central.

High clearance for main traffic artery
The work on the construction site for the new railway bridge is not without its challenges: six-lane car traffic must continue to roll along largely undisturbed.

The clearance of 4.8m under two middle bridge spans of 22 metres and almost 20 metres width keeps free passage for trucks. Here has been used a Doka's engineering construction kit for heavy loads: a mix of Doka UniKit primary and secondary beams supported by an SL-1 structure.

Blas Torres | Site manager at NCC Sverige AB

"We chose Doka for two reasons. Firstly, I get shoring and formwork from a single source: technical planning, statics documentation and the material," explains, which is responsible for the construction work. "The second reason was that Doka was the only supplier whose solution allowed us to pour at the planned final height."

This is because the bridge deck is concreted about 35 cm above the final position and then lowered onto the bridge bearing. "We could only solve this with the Doka UniKit primary & secondary beams, which are not as high, but have an extremely high load-bearing capacity," says Torres. "In addition, Doka pre-assembled the main and extension girders in a safe lying position and then lifted them in pairs. This meant that the necessary duration of closure of the motorway was much shorter."

Mountain Tunnel
From the bridge, heading south, we enter a 170 m long supply shaft, which is formed with our Framax Xlife wall formwork, and continue into an 80 m long tunnel, which is partly in cut-and-cover and mining construction method. Here, we use our SL-1 tunnel traveller for both tunnel types without conversion work.

Station "Centralen"
The new Västlänken link station "Centralen" is being built north of Gothenburg's current central station and right next to the of the Nils Ericson terminal. Apart from the section of the Västlänken that runs through Gullberget, the ground on this consists of soil and clay. The area of the western connection will be temporarily excavated for construction of the tunnel and covered upon completion so that the land above can be used for other purposes. For this section, we supplied Load-bearing Staxo 100 to support the slabs, Framed formwork Framax Xlife and Supporting construction frame Universal F for the walls (wall high: 7.6-9.3 m, slab thickness: 1.5-3.5 m).


Project data

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NCC Sverige AB, Peab AB