Wastewater Treatment Plant Hunts Point

New York City, USA

Redefining Efficiency and Quality at the Job Site

New Anaerobic Digesters Facilities

Skanska, as part of a joint venture with R.J. Industries, Inc., was chosen to build facilities at Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Bronx. The project includes the construction of four 3.2 million gallon, post-tensioned, cast-in-place concrete digesters. Work includes the installation of cast-in-place concrete, a gas room, a control building, an above-ground digester feed pump station, a guardhouse and walkway bridges. It also includes a range of systems works plus site clearing, excavation and final landscaping.

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Building type
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Heavy rains, which could affect the concrete placement and curing
Strong winds, which could affect crane operation—thus affecting steel and concrete placement
High daytime temperatures, requiring adjustment of concrete mixes to control curing
Inconsistent concrete mix deliveries, which affect the slipping rate

To allow for the construction of the monolithic structure, Doka’s Slipform System was the ideal solution because of its flexibility. It involves continuously pouring concrete into the Slipform, which gradually rises as the concrete sets and hardens.

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Improving safety and speed: The practical benefits of Slipform technology for the construction of concrete digesters

The Slipform was assembled and dismantled only twice—at the beginning and at the end of the tank wall casting, which eliminated all stripping and resetting of forms common when using a conventional formwork system. All other construction tasks including the placement of concrete, rebar and embedded steel were executed simultaneously with the Slipform process, greatly improving efficiency. Ultimately, the three-shift crews exceeded the scheduled construction times.

Project data

Year of completion
Project duration
Total time to pour 1 tank ranged from 8 to 11 days


New York City

Skanska RJ Industries HPWWTP JV

Building data

Construction method
Construction Type / Segmentation
New Anaerobic Digesters Facilities

Overall height
29 m
Tank wall
27 m

Cycle time
Total time to pour 1 tank ranged from 8 to 11 days
three-shift, 24-hour construction operation