Slip-forming structures in Doka quality


We make your project slip ahead smoothly! The interplay of research drive and many years’ experience has created a competence centre for slip formwork at Doka. This construction method, with the formwork system hydraulically climbing itself upward, enables concreting to continue all day, every day, 24/7. Rate of rise can be up to 5-10 metres, so progress on your monolithic structure is extremely cost-efficient and fast.

No-worries package

Doka undertakes planning, commissioning and operations, including quality monitoring and removal of the slip formwork on completion of the structure. Our formwork instructors go on site to ensure smooth and safe deployment of the formwork. Every instructor is a specially trained and experienced practitioner, contributing to efficient progress on the build.

Your benefits

    Doka-Slipform - Preisgünstigeres System

    Cost-effective system
    - minimum material on site

    Doka-Slipform - Schnelle Montage und Demontage

    Fast assembly and disassembly

    Doka-Slipform - Fugenlose Bauausführung

    seamless construction

    Doka-Slipform - Kein Ein- und Ausschalen

    Slipform assembled and dismantled once

    Doka-Slipform - Keine Durchankerung

    No anchorholes

    Doka-Slipform - Geringe Anfoderungen an Betonfrühfestigkeit

    vertical loads not introduces into young concrete

    Doka-Slipform - Windunempfindlichkeit

    wind resistant

    Doka-Slipform - Extrem kurze Bauzeiten

    24/7 extremely short construction schedules

The system

Doka Slipform System
Peter Stromberger & Franz Bauer | Swietelsky AG

“We’re using Doka Slipform for the first time on this build in Seiersberg and we’re delighted by the system’s speed.”

Peter Stromberger & Franz Bauer | Swietelsky AG

Areas of application


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    High-rack warehouses

    © Shutterstock

    Bridge suspension towers

    © Shutterstock

    Refuse incinerators

    © Shutterstock

    LNG tanks / oil and gas industry

    © Shutterstock

    Solar power towers

    © Shutterstock

    Air and exhaust stacks

    © Shutterstock

    Stairwell shafts / highrise cores / elevator shafts

    © Shutterstock

    Caissons / cofferdams

    Doka-slipform Caisson / Senkkasten

    © Shutterstock

Want to find out more about building with slip formwork? Considering a project that might need slip formwork? Go ahead and get in touch with us!

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