Cantilever forming trav­eller

Formwork and shoring from one sin­gle sup­pli­er

The Doka cantilever forming trav­eller pro­vides cer­tain­ty re­gard­ing plan­n­ing and costs while en­sur­ing an op­ti­mum con­struc­tion work­flow. The per­fect de­sign match be­tween the CFT's shoring struc­ture and the formwork, its high stan­dard of safe­ty and its op­ti­mised work­place-er­go­nom­ic de­sign to­gether en­sure that work can progress swift­ly and safe­ly.


Re­duced costs

from hav­ing a rentable and pre­cise­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed all-in-one so­lu­tion 

  • be­cause the equip­ment is rentable, it does not need to be pre-fi­nanced
  • the small num­ber of se­parate parts keeps site-erec­tion times short
  • easy-to-un­der­s­tand, er­go­nom­i­cal­ly en­gi­neered sys­tem makes for fast re­po­si­tion­ing and cy­cle times
  • its mo­d­u­lar components help it adapt flex­i­b­ly to dif­fer­ent ge­ome­tries

Smooth pro­ject progress

be­cause of the de­tailed co-or­d­i­na­tion be­tween the CFT and the formwork 

  • the all-in-one, sin­gle-sourced pack­age means there are few­er in­ter­faces to the su­per­struc­ture de­sign­er
  • pro­ject-spe­cif­ic Op­er­at­ing In­struc­tions de­scribe all work­steps in de­tail
  • short de­liv­ery times thanks to rapid avai­l­a­bil­i­ty of stan­dard sys­tem components
  • time-sav­ings thanks to on­go­ing sup­port from ex­pe­ri­enced Doka Formwork In­struc­tors

Safe­ty at all times

in ev­ery phase of the work 

  • ful­ly railed-in work­ing plat­forms on all lev­els
  • the CFT's an­chor­ages are hy­drauli­cal­ly test-load­ed be­fore ev­ery pour
  • slide bear­ings se­cure the CFT against un­want­ed trav­elling on lon­gi­tu­d­i­nal gra­di­ents



Op­ti­mised lon­gi­tu­d­i­nal truss­es

  • ergonomically designed, with upward-extended longitudinal trusses for more headroom
  • horizontal pre-assembly, incl. of ladder system and catwalk, is possible

Uni­ver­sal an­chor­ing cross-beam

  • the suspension rods can be flexibly positioned for adaptability to different bridge geometries
  • asymmetrical cross-beam configurations are possible where space is constricted due to e.g. neighbouring structures
  • broad working platform from which the suspension rods can be operated safely
  • pre-assembly is possible, incl. of platform

Mo­d­u­lar de­sign con­cept

The longitudinal trusses can be variably positioned, which makes it easy to adapt the cantilever forming traveller to variable-width or multi-cell cross-sections.

Pre-as­sem­bled platform sys­tem

  • on all work-deck levels
  • with integrated ladderways complete with ladder cages and self-locking manholes
  • generously sized workplace access routes for safe, efficient working

In­no­va­tive drive unit

  • permanent self-locking safety feature using slide bearings to guard against unwanted travelling, effective up to a longitudinal gradient of six percent
  • incorrect operation of this safety feature is impossible, as it is always active

Brac­ing lo­cat­ed on out­side

  • makes it easier and quicker to place reinforcement steel and concrete, by permitting unobstructed access from above