Elephant Park

London, United Kingdom

1 day faster per cycle with Concremote

Elephant Park is part of the Elephant and Castle redevelopment project in London and is expected to be completed by 2025. It will create 3000 new homes as well as retail and office space. The project aims to be climate positive or carbon negative by 2025.

Our customer A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd was facing challenges in terms of the concrete finish such as colour matching the different elements, different stripping times and different concrete mixes. Due to their good experience with Doka products over the years and our desire to push and further develop digital solutions for our customers they went with Concremote to overcome these issues.

The live data provided by Concremote helped massively with the forecast, which allowed to better plan their resources and overall have a better outcome on the project.

The data of the performance of the used concrete mixes allows to develop future mixes for future projects and thus help with cost savings, time savings and efficiency to push performance on site.


  • Size of the project
  • Many different concrete mixes
  • Varying weather conditions

Customer requirements

  • Keep cycle times in different weather conditions
  • Meet deadlines due to the size of the project

Concremote solution

  • Slab sensors for slabs
  • Cable sensors with wall sensing elements for verticals to determine optimum stripping times
  • Mix comparison with multiple live projects
Concremote | Enhanced concrete quality

Enhanced concrete quality

Reliable data on the earliest possible stripping time in changing weather conditions

Concremote | Save time

Time savings

In average 1 day per cycle faster

Concremote | More safety

More safety

Safe climbing and post-tensioning operations based on measured data

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Reduction of the carbon footprint

Reusable sensors saved CO2 in the customers supply chain

Cost reductions

Reduce costs

£40,000 savings just on equipment, thanks to the reusable Concremote sensors

Project data

Year of completion
Formwork usage on site
2022 - 2025
Country United Kingdom
Zip/Postal Code
SE17 1LB
A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd

Building data

Type of building
Offices / flats / retail / public realm / infrastructure

Concremote data

Used Concremote hardware:
6 Cable sensors 2.0 with wall sensing elements and 4 slab sensors over 3 cores
Concrete mixes in use: 6
Number of measurements:
30 (June 2023), approx. 100 by year of completion

Systems used

Xclimb 60

Services used

Stefan Scheuchelbauer

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