Digital construction site management made easy

The construction industry is in flux. For the people in charge it’s becoming more and more difficult to manage increasing pressures of pricing and scheduling, increasingly complex customer requirements, materials bottlenecks and manpower shortfalls while staying on top of transparent, smooth workflows as the construction project advances.

The key to efficient and on-time handling lies in the digitalisation of the construction site as the way of streamlining workflows and optimising competitiveness, and this over the entire duration of the construction site.


The construction site software.

Sitelife is the ideal software for digitalising your construction site from excavation through to completion across all trades. A single tool for everyone who bears responsibility on a construction site: site manager, project managers of the trades and the foremen.The Sitelife software includes easy planning, model-based tracking and context-linked analysis, so you have a complete overview of your project all the time!


The construction site software.

Digital and innovative construction site management with Sitelife lets you PLAN, TRACK and ANALYSE your construction project! Go ahead and digitalise your management of building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure projects, from construction site planning through execution to completion - and across all trades.

Your benefits with Sitelife

CONTAKT - All-inclusive tracking and analysis

All-inclusive tracking and analysis

of construction projects across all trades from excavation to completion of the build. Planning module: Coming soon!

CONTAKT - Single source of truth

’Single Source of Truth’

All the data are saved in one place and nothing has to be input twice over

CONTAKT - Efficient data logging

Efficient data logging

Structured construction site information

CONTAKT - Detailed analysis and informed decisions

Detailed analysis and informed decisions

Based on valid data

CONTAKT - Search and export functions

Search and export functions

(For example hour-by-hour analyses, extra costs, ...)

CONTAKT - Integration of BIM and PDF plans

Integration of BIM or PDF plans

Enables custom use

CONTAKT - Sitelife

Digital logging of construction site data with the CONSTRUCTION SITE DIARY!

Digital logging of construction site data with the CONSTRUCTION SITE DIARY!Digitally TRACK the day’s progress, work disruptions and other incidents – it’s easy to do directly in the field with the construction site diary in Sitelife. And you have the added benefits of work records based on: model, bill of quantities or construction work listings.Standards-compliant: Our documentation is pursuant to Germany’s HOAI 2021 and Austria’s ÖNORM B 2110 (regulations on architects’ and engineers’ fees). And the best part is: the entire data set in the software is automatically available for processing in the ANALYSE module and interaction with BIM is possible.


  • Tracking of work done and equipment deployments
  • Time-optimised, digital approval processes, e.g. inclusion of the site supervisor
  • Viewer visualisations
  • Link to bill of quantities possible
  • Monitoring function for project owner, for example

Keep track of the additional services and charges with ADDITIONAL WORK REPORT!

Keep track of the additional services and charges with ADDITIONAL WORK REPORT!Extra materials and services are easily tracked in the Additional Work Report module, and everything is standards-compliant. In a few minutes you can log who worked on which job for how long, and when.


  • Linking to specifications and invoicing
  • Time-optimised, digital approval processes, e.g. inclusion of the site supervisor

Extract new findings with DATA ANALYSIS BASIC!

Extract new findings with DATA ANALYSIS BASIC!Opportunities and potentials at a glance? Not a problem with Sitelife’s real-time data analysis, including digital tracking! The constant data matching of tracked and completed activities with the data model is the ideal source of information about current construction progress at any time. Measures can be implemented in good time to ensure the project’s success.


  • Verifiable, data-based decisions
  • Data analysis with reference to the structure (interactive)
  • Fast reaction due to real-time data
  • Solid data as basis for future projects

Sitelife is a joint development of the two companies b.i.m.m GmbH and CONTAKT GmbH.Doka markets the unique services as distribution partner of CONTAKT GmbH, an Umdasch Group Ventures company. For more information about CONTAKT GmbH and for regular updates on successful construction projects and product expansions, also visit

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