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Safety matters. Always.

Integrated and lasting security.

Of course we put on a helmet when we ride a bike or buckle up when we get into a car; safe habits are integral to so many areas of our lives. But why does this matter-of-factness sometimes stop at the construction site?

Doka understands safety as a integrated concept. Safety starts with product development extends across a extensive safety on-site training and safety features systems integrated directly into the systems. With the Xsafe safety solutions from Doka are designed to support construction workers in their tasks, protect their health and make their place of work as safe as possible.

Our vision is to help give safety in construction the same importance as in our everyday private lives. That is why at Doka, we support safe and efficient working with our broad portfolio of safety products to minimise the risk of accidents on site.

Because safety is not an option, it is a way of life. Always!

Brochure Safety with Doka

    Platform sys­tem Xsafe plus

    The eco­nom­i­cal safe­ty sys­tem for wall and col­umn form­works

    The pre-as­sem­bled, fold-out work­ing plat­forms, with their in­te­grable front/rear and side rail­ings, lad­ders and self-clos­ing man­hole lids, are ready for im­me­di­ate use and great­ly en­hance work­place safe­ty. The sys­tem can be used on Framax Xlife framed and col­umn formwork units, Framax Xlife plus and Wall formwork FF20, Top 50 and Top 100 tec.

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    Folding plat­for­m K

    The pre-as­sem­bled scaf­fold platform for con­crete con­struc­tion sites.

    Doka folding plat­forms K are pre-as­sem­bled, work-ready scaf­fold plat­forms with stan­dardised sys­tem components for all us­age si­t­u­a­tions.

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    Edge pro­tection sys­tem XP

    The fall-ar­rest sys­tem for formwork and struc­ture shell

    This sys­tem is the uni­ver­sal safe­ty so­lu­tion for all edge pro­tection needs. It fits in ide­al­ly with Doka sys­tems – be they wall or floor-slab formwork – for safe­guard­ing slab-edges or as fall-ar­rest bar­ri­ers on the struc­ture shell.

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Doka systems combine speed, safety and cost-efficiency on the site:

At the workplace

For vertical access

With edge protection

For handling & repositioning

Hand in hand with formwork technology.

Doka safety systems facilitate every single stage of the project. Safety is 'planned in' right from the outset, co-ordinated with the formwork technology systems used, and designed to boost productivity and quality. The working platforms used in pouring include side railings and opposing guard-rails. On tall wall formwork units, intermediate platforms with side railings are a safe and efficient solution. Safe vertical access to the pouring-platform level is particularly important on column formwork. Doka meets these requirements with practical safety solutions.

Professional edge protection.

Doka provides professional edge protection for both formwork and structure. Its tried-and-tested edge protection systems give your crew optimum protection and make a big contribution towards a smooth construction workflow. They use sturdy, rugged safety components to ensure reliable protection in line with the latest safety standards (EN 13374). Workers who are properly protected work safely, faster, and more efficiently.

Moving up the safe way.

It has to be possible to get to all workplaces on the site safely – especially when any climbing is involved. Doka supplies ladderway systems that are fully integrated in the formwork system concerned. These access systems are designed to make the formwork easy to operate.

Safe handling, efficient repositioning.

When it comes to offloading, assembling and repositioning formwork components on the site, this affects more than just the construction workflow. It also has to be done safely. Doka supplies professional shifting devices that speed up repositioning operations while ensuring a high standard of safety.

Slinging-means for safe on-site equipment handling.

On the site, every single workstep is crucial. Motion sequences such as aligning and manoeuvring, engaging and disengaging, lifting and repositioning, all presuppose a high standard of safety. With its site-proven safety systems, Doka meets all safety-critical requirements.

Officially certified safety.

Doka is actively involved in international committees and industry associations, as a strong advocate for Standards-compliant formwork and safety systems. The certificates awarded to Doka safety systems are your guarantee of high quality. Doka – a pathbreaker in safety as well.

"CE" mark

The duly certified manufacturer can issue the CE mark of conformity; the basis is EC Directive 89/392/EEC, commonly known as the Machinery Directive. Products that bear this mark are subject to regular inspection and testing. This helps avoid risks and accident hazards.

"GSV geprüft" mark

The GSV is the "Güteschutzverband Betonschalungen e. V." an association of all leading formwork manufacturers. The GSV mark confirms that the formwork is capable of resisting the stated formwork pressure and is compliant with a specified standard for used formwork.

European Committee for
Standardisation CEN

The high-calibre Doka staff on this committee share in shaping the relevant European standards. This means that you can be confident of working with standards-compliant formwork for a long time to come.