Doka Xpress CEU 02/2019

An Eye-catching Station

By 2020, the new station at Kapfenberg will be an architecturally appealing and well thought-out railway station, in which fair-faced concrete will play an important role as a design element.

The central access building to the south is designed to be a light-flooded room in elliptical shape. The counterpart to the large glass surfaces is formed by rounded walls of fair-faced concrete, which are being constructed with the help of Doka formwork using high-quality, fair-faced concrete. For this, Doka’s framed formwork will be fitted with Top 50panels, which will be delivered to the site pre-assembled by the ready-to-use service. The walls with different radii and a height between 3 and 5.50 m are cast in one pour. The northern entrance to the underpass will captivate any visitor with its open-plan design. The roof of the component rests on props. The curved underside of the ceiling must be finished with decorative, fair-faced concrete. You can see the railway tracks through a large elliptical window in the wall. This “eye” has a dimension of up to 18 x 5 m and has partly double curved surfaces. This complex component is also produced with self-compacting concrete (SCC) in fair-faced concrete quality. The phenolic resin film-coated Dokaplex multi-layer board is used for a smooth surface. It won’t be long before the numerous visitors to Kapfenberg station will be admiring the high-quality concrete surfaces achieved with it.


Project: Kapfenberg Station
Architectt: ostertag ARCHITECTS ZT GMBH
Building contractor: ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
Building construction: Gebr. Haider & Co.
Construction period: 12/2018 to Autumn 2019

Portrait of Johann Almer

Foreman Johann Almer,
Gebr. Haider & Co.


The quality of Doka’s special formwork will win anyone over and, in addition to correct handling, helps to achieve the desired high quality of fair-faced concrete.

The challenge

Exceptional architecture and the highest attention to the surface quality of the fair-faced concrete, since the viewing distances are sometimes less than 1 m.

Site photo of the finished concrete “eye” A large “window” in the entrance building to the north provides a view of the platforms.

Site photo: Establishment of the special formwork For concreting the “eye” window, Doka’s special formwork team prefabricates the shaped-wood boxes, which are assembled on site by the site crew so that they are a perfect fit.

The Doka solution

Doka supplies pre-assembled, custom-fit formwork boxes that are lined with Dokaplex formwork panels for a high-quality, smooth concrete surface.

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