Arched Bridge

Architectural masterpiece for bridging valleys, rivers and nature conservation areas

Arches are among the oldest shapes in bridge construction. Unlike girder bridges, arched bridges transfer the forces generated solely in the form of compressive forces. Spans up to approx. 400 m have been achieved with concrete arches. There are innumerable designs of arched bridges.


  • innumerable designs: widely varying arch curvatures, varying crosssections, solid or hollow, tapering, roadway on top, suspended or cutting through the arch
  • construction methods range from full shoring or self-supporting girders, through cantilever construction through to the use of precastings
  • bridging valleys, rivers, sea straits, nature conservation areas
  • nothing to obstruct traffic (road, rail, shipping) underneath the structure
  • architectural masterpieces require enhanced fair-faced concrete quality

Arch forming carriage

With the cantilever technique, during construction each of the two segments of the arch is cable-stayed off its pylon. The forming wagon must allow for cable installation and clear the cables when it moves.

Arch kicker

  • starting segment for the arch forming carriage
  • the starting angle is steep, so the formwork solution must have high load-bearing capability
  • system formwork such as Large-area formwork Top 50 and Heavy-duty supporting system SL-1 are used

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