Lines and stations

The ideal construction method and its application have to be identified on the basis of customer needs. Metro projects are complex because of the individual contract sections, often involving different methods of construction. The contractor's project team and Doka experts work together closely to develop a solutions-oriented overall concept taking requirements such as a tight schedule and lack of space into account along with the specifics of the predefined workflow.


  • underground, ground-level and elevated
  • tight schedule
  • space is often at a premium, so just-in-time deliveries and site logistics
  • heavy slabs need heavy-duty shoring
  • flexible solution: formwork systems usable on more than one contract section


  • underground, ground-level and elevated (different construction conditions apply – urban to rural areas) tight schedule
  • intersection zones call for flexible solutions
  • methods of construction can vary from station to station
  • flexible solution: formwork systems usable on more than one contract section

Intersection zones

  • The ideal overall solution for these large-scale metro projects permits multiple use of the same formwork systems.
  • Doka handles even difficult intersection zones with readily available standard systems.

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