Mining Method

Tunneling by the mining method entails boring or otherwise excavating an underground cavity. The sides and roof of this cavity have to be continuously stabilised with shotcrete or tubbings, and the inner shell of the tunnel is then cast in either segmented or partly monolithic construction. The formwork and/or formwork traveler has to bear all the pressure of the fresh concrete.

Segmented construction method

  • Invert, walls and roof are each cast in separate pouring sections
  • Single-sided formwork for casting the leading walls
  • Tunnel formwork traveler for forming and casting the roof
  • Detailed cycle planning

Partly monolithic construction method

  • Invert is formed and poured in advance
  • Then the monolithic inner shell can be poured
  • The formwork traveller has to take all the pressure of the fresh concrete
  • Concrete is placed via filler necks and pouring windows

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