Enclosure Tunnel Zürich-Schwamendingen

Zürich - Schwamendingen, Switzerland

One of the busiest roads in Switzerland, with over 120,000 vehicles a day, runs right through the middle of Schwamendingen. The new enclosure minimizes the nuisance caused by the highway, such as noise and exhaust fumes.

The tight space conditions in the middle of the residential district and the construction process under running traffic presented the greatest challenges. Contributing to the solution were, among other things, a narrow and compact movable side edge formwork which was not allowed to reach into the clearance gauge of the adjacent road, and the hydraulically lowerable, electrically movable DokaCC tunnel system with wide access opening.


  • use of the formwork carriage in both directions of travel
  • use in the opposite direction of travel while traffic is running
  • movable side edge formwork

Project data

Year of completion
Formwork usage on site
Zürich, Schwamendingen

Building data

Construction Method
segmented construction method
Section height
5,56 m
Section width
14,0 m (21,0 m Expansion area)
Total length
2 x 380m