Kutuctay Bridge

Cusco - Apurimac, Peru

High Altitude Success in the Andes

Doka Impresses Again with Cantilever Forming Traveller in the Kutuctay Bridge Project in Peru

After completing the Puente Pampas project and successfully utilizing a Cantilever Forming Traveller, Doka secured another significant bridge project in Peru. This time, the innovative Cantilever Forming Traveller played a crucial role in the construction of the Kutuctay Bridge.

With a length of 160 meters and located on the border of the Apurímac and Cusco regions, the Kutuctay Bridge is expected not only to enhance accessibility between the regions but also to promote the development and integration of local communities, marking a crucial milestone in the regional infrastructure.

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Building type
Pre-stressed concrete bridge


  • Located in a remote area at an altitude of approximately 2,210 m above sea level with limited storage capacity
  • Limited crane capacity for lifting of pre-assembled CFT-groups
  • Casting segments with 8% transversal inclination and widening of the superstructure with a small radius


  • Close collaboration with local logistics partners to ensure on-time delivery
  • Doka hydraulic components including tie-rods and safety turn locks for lifting of the bottom grid
  • Special flexible height adjustment on launching rails to accommodate changing transversal inclination and flexible formwork to accomodate the widening of the superstructure
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Navigating through heights and hurdles

Construction in such a remote area at an altitude of around 2,210 metres above sea level presents a significant logistical challenge. The close cooperation with local logistics partners ensures on-time delivery in pre-defined assembly groups. Also limited crane capacity posed a major challenge for the team.

To overcome this hurdle additional tie-rods and safety turn locks were included in the solution in combination with existing hydraulic components. A special flexible height adjustment on the launching rails helps to accommodate the changing of 8% transversal inclination. Prior to the installation of the cantilever forming travellers, the hammerhead was built using a formwork combination of Staxo 40 and Staxo 100 shoring, chosen for its quicker material availability. This ensured that the project stayed on track and was completed to the highest standards.

Karolina Tvrznikova

Karolina Tvrznikova | Senior Project Technician | Global Expertise Center Infrastructure

„I am delighted to see how the collaboration with our colleagues from Doka Peru and Doka Mexico improves with every project, allowing us to provide better service each time. Particularly in this case, due to the experience from our previous project, we were able to finish all documentation with a very tight deadline while still keeping our high standards. It is even more satisfying knowing, that client was able to finish the project ahead of the schedule, also due to the short working cycle they were able to reach on site." “

Project data

Year of completion
Etermar - Engenharia e construção, sociedad anonima sucursal


Cusco - Apurimac

Building data

Construction method
Free balanced cantilever method
Construction Type / Segmentation
Superstructure, Hammerhead

Total length
Section width
9.2m - 11.6m

Cycle time
4 days
max. span length